One Tree Hill: Milking It

ONE TREE HILL: 7.18 “The Last Day of Our Acquaintance”

I have to say, I’m not pleased with this episode of One Tree Hill. In my last couple posts, I was annoyed that we suddenly had this new character in our midst and not only were we supposed to love her immediately, but we were supposed to care for her immediately–so much so that when her death only two episodes later came about, we were supposed to be upset.

And let me tell you, One Tree Hill milked Haley’s mother’s death for all it’s worth.

I wouldn’t be as annoyed if Haley’s mother died of something other than an unnamed cancer that can’t be treated. Had they done something to raise awareness–breast cancer awareness, for example–then I could see why this three-episode story arc would be merited. But they didn’t. It was just…here she was, there she dead.

And the most “emotional” moment of the show was the moment that the mother reunited with Taylor, who we really only saw a couple times in high school and then saw her a couple episodes ago when she made us angry. In other words, the scene that was supposed to hold the most emotion was between two characters that I hadn’t invested any time to like. (It wouldn’t surprise me if this clip were on The Soup this week.)

But I will say one thing: When you see Haley cry, you can’t help but get upset. She was the only reason that I was invested in this story at all. When Haley was sad, I was sad. She was the reason I teared up in the end.

And what a strange transition. They went from the cliche of using “Landslide” as they watched the slideshow and the mother died to a weird black screen (where you assumed that the credits were about to roll) to a funeral and another musical montage. As I mentioned on Twitter, I wasn’t impressed. “I Shall Believe” is by far one of my favorite songs ever, but it was used much more effectively in Higher Ground and Roswell. (Sorry I can’t find the Roswell one.)

Plus, the incorporation of Mouth in that montage just felt strange. We saw him at the beginning of the episode, and then nothing throughout, and then back to him. That was weird.

But on the bright side, Skills is back. I wonder for how long, though…

Honestly, I can’t say I loved the episode. And I won’t. It was honestly an episode that’s sole purpose was just to get the viewers and cast to cry (except for apparently stone-cold Nathan, who barely blinked at the death of his mother-in-law), but there were some love stories involved.

And then that weird thing at the end with Clay’s new tennis player. That’s going to be strange. Almost…Nanny Carrie strange. But we did get some good laughs then, right?

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