Ghost Whisperer: Coming alive

GHOST WHISPERER: 5.14 “Dead to Me”

Hold your breath, people. I’m about to say something shocking.

I actually enjoyed this Friday’s episode of Ghost Whisperer.

Don’t hate me because I’m fickle. Last week, I was basically ready to write the show off and having nothing more original to say. Plus, it just didn’t make much sense anymore. It was convoluted and exhausting to watch, and I was just growing tired of it.

But this week, we got something new. Instead of knowing the end and backtracking, we actually didn’t know what was going on. And it was great! The entire episode, instead of guessing who the killer might be or what the ghost might want, we were actually forced to watch and find out. There was really nothing to guess.

Ok, well, in the diner it was pretty easy to guess that they were in each other’s accidents (very Desperate Housewives, I must add), but we still didn’t know who the ghost was or why the ghost wanted them to meet. And since there was no hints as to why, we basically were forced to stop our guessing and watch.


It led to an episode that wasn’t convoluted. It wasn’t overdramatic (well, until the car accident at the end). And honestly, I didn’t miss the guessing games!

Plus, we heard that the shadows are not quite out of Melinda’s world yet. Ned is working on getting access to a secured library to find out more about them, so clearly all the time we wasted in the first half of the season won’t be…well…wasted. Now, hopefully this will all link back to the strange ghost in the hospital, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

As for the “cliffhanger,” well, at first I was nervous. I mean, at the end of the episode, they said someone is going to die! Oh no!

But you know, thinking about it more, I think it’s something that will probably be very preventable. Or at least I’d hope so. If someone did die, I’d wish it were Eli. It won’t be. If I had my guesses, I’d think maybe Delia because she hasn’t been in it as much, but maybe it would be Ned because he seems to be in it more.

Ultimately, we’ve got a small cast here, and I’d be surprised if anyone does kick it, but we’ll have to wait and see. Clearly, we can’t kill Sam Jim Jim Sam again. That’d be just mean.

I did enjoy all the talk about why Melinda dislikes spirit boards. It goes into the whole lore of her gift, which I enjoy, but I’m a nerd like that. Ultimately, I just liked this episode. Plus, add in Margaret Cho, and who can complain? I’ve liked her long before she ever set food on this show, let alone Drop Dead Diva. And I hear she might be recurring on this show? That’d be, well, great!


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