Vampire Diaries: Betrayal by blood

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: 1.13 “Children of the Damned”

I’m not unaccustomed to flashbacks in vampire shows. After all, I watched both Buffy and Angel. But I must say, what I saw in this episode was actually really great.

I’m not saying other shows haven’t done a good job (though David Boreanaz’s accent was, at times, problematic), but I guess I just wasn’t expecting too much. I just figured Katherine had betrayed Anna at some point, and therefore, she’s bitter.

Everyone’s always bitter.

But it’s more than that. Who’s to say that Elena’s really a target? At this point, you could guess that Anna’s anger might just be aimed at Stefan (hurting Elena hurts Stefan), who did a great deal to put her mother in that tomb, whether he meant to or not. Further, we see now more than ever why there’s friction between Stefan and Damon. It’s not just that Stefan loved the same woman. It’s that Stefan sent this woman to her death.

It was actually pretty sad. Was anyone else surprised about how attached they grew to Katherine? It’s not that she was particularly likable, but for some reason, I still didn’t want her in that church on fire. I even felt for Pearl, as she was taken from the one man who she thought would give her a chance to run, considering his feelings.

My only question, though, is this: Was Anna a vampire when her mother was killed? Well, I don’t know. She certainly is now–and I must say, I loved watching the realization cross Damon and Stefan’s faces as they realized who Anna really was. But she seemed so much younger in the flashbacks, so it does make me wonder who really turned her. Was it her mother? Or someone else? That’s yet to be discovered, but at least she admitted to turning Logan. Who would have thought that she was the mysterious force behind the mayhem this season? A little girl.

But let’s move back to Stefan. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I’m becoming more and more of a Damon fan. So this, I must ask: Is anyone else getting bored with Stefan? There’s no development there anymore, now that Elena knows all and they’re in their honeymoon face. I’m afraid he’s going to be the next Action-Hero Quinn (Sliders reference) where his main duty is to rush in an save the day in every episode…and that’s about it. I did enjoy his discussion with Alaric, but beyond that, I really just wanted to see someone else on the screen.

Damon, on the other hand, commanded the screen. I adored his time in Elena’s kitchen, spending time with her family and brother (a little like Spike, but without the desperation). His expression when he said he wasn’t compelling Elena to tell the truth was fantastic, and his reaction in discovering that he really couldn’t trust Stefan and Elena was just great. I’m excited to see where it goes from here.

Btw, I totally knew that the book would be in the tomb. Not because the promos showed them digging, but because of the repeated line, “He’ll take it to his grave.” Once? Symbolic. Multiple repetitions? That’s just a play on words telling you where to go.

Finally, Bonnie. I kinda forgot about her dilemma, what with the big Elena cliffhanger ending, but poor Bonnie is held captive as well by Ben! My guess? She’ll be ok. I assume that Ben is kidnapping her so that she can actually say the spell to release the vamps in the tomb, but it’s still an unfortunate situation. Does she have her powers back yet? I can’t recall. But she must have something if she knew to get away from Ben–and as soon as possible!

So a big episode here after I just figured it’d be a lot of filler material. Can’t wait to see what happens next!


2 thoughts on “Vampire Diaries: Betrayal by blood

  1. I am definitely more of a Damon fan too! He’s just more interesting and I enjoy watching his scenes so much more. I really enjoyed watching him in Elena’s kitchen and thought it was funny when he was listening to her talk to her aunt and how her aunt said he was hot.
    But besides that, I thought this was a great episode. The flashbacks were very interesting and it was great to learn where Anna came from. Her mother was a vampire, so that would mean she turned into one after she had Anna, right? And of course, when did Anna become a vampire? And who turned her?
    It was a great cliffhanger episode too with both Elena and Bonnie being taken. I’m curious to see what happens next week!

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