Last time on ‘Vampire Diaries’

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: 1.12 “Unpleasantville”

Don’t hate me because I’m a slacker.

I guess I got so wrapped up in the Dollhouse finale that I forgot to write about Vampire Diaries last Friday. I’m still a good person, I promise (though you can argue that in the comments).

I had my doubts about this episode. Mainly because we were given a theme dance, and unless you’re One Tree Hill, that’s a dangerous idea. We still had the mysterious man in the hoodie, so I’m glad we discovered more of that, but the funny part is that while he might be, well, mummied and dead, there sure are a lot more mysteries amuck.

Anna is a vampire. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Generally, let’s remember that if there’s a new face in town, we should always wonder whether they’re man or…undead man. That being said, at one point I suspected Alaric (before I read the books and saw the most recent episodes), and he is not one, so I shouldn’t be surprised that I didn’t suspect Anna, and she is one.

Which is too bad. I really kinda wanted some happiness for Jeremy. Jeremy is one of those characters I care little about. He annoyed me while Vicki was alive. Then he just changed and was boring. Well, I did have a moment in between where I felt bad for him where Vicki was concerned, and now I just want him to be happy! Why must Anna have other motives?


Her motives intrigue me. Why does Anna want the diary? It’s the key to opening the tomb, right? And how did Anna and her crew know Katherine. What do they ultimately want?

That part’s still a mystery, but I love that Damon and Stefan aren’t the only ones who knew Katherine! And clearly, this must have some sort of deep-set bond if one of them is willing to torment Elena for just looking like her.

By the way, I’d just like to reiterate again that I care little about whether Elena is related to Katherine. I just don’t care. They look alike, and that’s enough for me (after all, it was enough in the books!). But then again, the discovery that maybe, just maybe, Elena is the daughter of Alaric’s late wife is certainly a twist I didn’t see coming. What could that really mean? And really, are they old enough to have a high school student as a daughter?

But the name remains the same. Ultimately, if it were true, that would certainly change some relationships. Could Elena really be on civil terms with Damon, knowing he might’ve killed her mother? And how long until she finds out all of this? And will Damon find out that Alaric is lying to him, using vervain when Damon’s attempting to hypnotize him?

It’s all very interesting. And gory. How’d you like that torture scene?

Anyway, looks like we’ve got a lot to see tonight. So bring on the new episode.


1 thought on “Last time on ‘Vampire Diaries’

  1. I thought this was a good episode. It was interesting to learn that Anna is a vampire (although I feel bad for Jeremy as well). And that bartender was a vampire as well. There are a lot of them!
    Up until this episode, I thought Alaric was a vampire. He wears a ring, but I guess the show just made you believe that it was because he was a vampire.
    I’m looking forward to finding out how those other vampires know Katherine and what their plans are. I also enjoyed the side story with Caroline and Matt. I thought it was cute. And poor Bonnie is being duped by the vampire bartender! I wonder how that will turn out.

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