Vampire Diaries: Heartless, but with heart

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: 1.11 “Bloodlines”

This episode was definitely not one that I was expecting when we’d get back from the winter hiatus. I didn’t really know what to expect, other then some possibly damage on Elena. Actually, I figured that shadow figure was a vamp she already knew, so we’d be let down pretty gently from the cliff (cliffhanger, get it?).

Well, the shadow figure wasn’t someone we knew, that’s for sure, but a lot of it is still a mystery. I don’t want to believe that he was Lexie’s boyfriend–that just seems too easy–but he could very well be. Either way, no good can come from it.

So now that I’ve started reading the books (just finished book 3), I finally know who Alaric Saltzman is, our new teacher at the school! Sure, the backstory is different–in the book, he had no girlfriend (fiance? wife?) killed by Damon of all people–but he sure is an interesting character to bring in. That’s pretty exciting. I’m much more invested in him now, and if you haven’t read the books, I imagine you are, too, now that you know about his girlfriend.

You know what else I liked about this episode? Damon and Elena. It was actually nice to see them have so much time together, and honestly, the scene where he rescued her was really interesting. Did I see a heart in Damon? He actually cared about her well-being. In fact, we might just see some sparks there. Hmm, we knew there’d be trouble between these two brothers.

But you didn’t get very far with trusting him. I really enjoyed seeing Gina Torres on the show, who played Bree, but what an ending. I thought he was just going to break her neck, not literally rip her heart out. Note to self: Never backstab Damon.

Speaking of (and again, this might come from the books), I really have a much firmer interest in Damon. He’s got levels and goals. Stefan’s got…well, he does a good conflicted face. But in this episode especially, he bored me.

I cared little about his reveal to Elena that she was adopted. I mean, sure, this will probably be HUGE later when we discover that she has some connection to Katherine–and maybe it will get us in to the tomb. But ultimately, I kinda didn’t care. I guess I just need to see why it’s relevant. Otherwise, it just seems like a sidenote.

Same with Tyler and Anna. I hope Anna becomes a really intriguing character, but their interactions left me kinda bored. Civil War villains vs. vampires? Eh.

But Bonnie. I’m glad they’re exploring her more, and what a great level of complexity to add now that she’s lost her powers? And we saw the inside of the tomb, though not behind the door. I’m really excited to see where that goes.

Ultimately, solid episode. I really enjoyed Elena and Damon, and I’m very impressed to see that what the creators said was true: No one is safe. Who do you think is next to die? Lexie’s boyfriend? Anna? Alaric? Or someone even bigger? From the minor to the major, so far, we’ve seen it all.


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