Catching Up on ‘The Good Wife’

THE GOODWIFE: 1.11 “Infamy”
THE GOOD WIFE: 1.12 “Painkiller”

All right guys, I’m back from the incessant travel, and I’ve finally caught up on The Good Wife.  Before I start, I think we should all acknowledge Julianna Marguiles’ big win on Sunday?  What did everyone think? Does she deserve the Golden Globe?  I have to say, I’ve been impressed with her performance on this show, but I was really thinking January Jones deserved it.

In the first case, a TV host (much like male Nancy Grace) was accused of slander and effectively causing a woman’s suicide.  Will slept with opposing counsel, and this broke my heart.  Because of the judge’s ridiculousness, they ended up losing.  Alicia was half-on this case, and half on a divorce case.  Turns out Peter’s replacement’s wife wants a divorce, and she wants Alicia to handle it.  During the course of the negotiations, Alicia learns about wire taps, photos, etc. that Childs had on his laptop.  At the end of the episode,  it’s revealed on this talk show that Diane may be a closet lesbian.  She laughs nervously, and it’s unclear whether it’s true.  What does everyone think? And how does everyone feel about the fact that Josh Charles cheated on me?

Infamy was a much better episode than Painkiller.  I liked that we finally figured out who was sending photos of Peter with the prositutes, and we didn’t need Munchkin’s appearance in order to do so.  In Painkiller, a 17-year old died from an oxycodone overdose.  The doctor works for the hospital, which is the firm’s client, and Alicia is assigned to his case. Unfortunately, he wrote the prescription from his house, meaning the hospital was no longer liable.  Alicia, naturally, decides to represent the doctor anyway.  During the course of the investigation, it turns out that the mother was buying oxy from a dealer, and her kid took the wrong dosage…I could not see that coming.

On the home front, Alicia hires a new nanny from Northwestern.  She lets Munchkin hang out with a 16 year-old with the door closed. Of course, he starts making out with her and they probably did other stuff too.  Grace and Munchkin don’t like her, but there’s not much that they can do because Gran’s in the hospital.  I thought this was really ridiculous.  First of all, anyone applying to be a nanny with a psych background isn’t going to tell kids they’re oversexed.  Second, would anyone really hire a nanny four years older than your teenaged kids?

Anyway, in the end, the nanny was fired. Gran’s out of the hospital and comes back to babysit the kids.  Kalinda goes to work for Peter and Childs (to get the tapes).  We’ll see what happens tonight, and I promise I’ll tell you within the week.  Until then!


One thought on “Catching Up on ‘The Good Wife’

  1. Will didn’t cheat lol. When he was first going to sleep with the lawyer they got interrupted by Roscoe saying he was sleeping with Alicia. Then he turned the lawyer down at the end. We also found out this ep that Will’s been on a six month sexual sabbatical, the same amount of time Alicia’s been at the firm.

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