HIMYM: How I Met Your 100th Episode

KT found the episode very…suitable

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER:  5.12 “Girls vs. Suits”

Anyone who knows Barney can tell you:  he loves women, but at this point in his life, his serious, long-term relationships are with his suits.  Karina the bartender is a beautiful girl, but she’s never going to be the object of a song and dance number evoking the old Broadway musical romances like “Singing in the Rain.”  And by “evoking,” I mean this:

Gene Kelly in 'Singing in the Rain'Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson

What a fabulous grand finale to the hundredth episode!

The episode belonged almost entirely to Barney and Ted.  Lily, Marshall, and Robin spend most of it playing peanut gallery to the two plots while they debate the relative hotness of Robin, Lily, and Karina the bartender.  Just as I felt the argument was getting old, Robin got up, hammed it up behind the bar, and made me laugh.  I was also amused to see Lily seem to crush on another girl — remember how Robin kissed her once so that she could say she had a brief lesbian phase before she got married?

I thought the show put Tim Gunn to good use, too — with the possible exception of Regis in “Best Burger in New York,” this show is very clever about using its guest stars.  Of course Barney’s personal tailor would be “TV’s Tim Gunn”!  It was exactly the right amount of over the top-ness for an episode that also featured a restroom stall that can open up to hold a suit.  Magical suit space?

But it was Ted’s plot that really kept me gasping.  So close, we are so close to meeting the mother!  And yet, I fear if we really met the mother before the show’s finale, all of our expectations would be ridiculously high and the show would jump the shark faster than you can say “legendary.”  I hope that wouldn’t be the case, though, because I loved all the little details we learned about the future mother from her current roommate!  I’d like to get to know this character for real.

I did feel sorry for roommate Cindy, who seems to be a very cool person in her own right, and her storyline with Ted was very well written.  I won’t call out all the jokes, but the humor was good, and the interjections from Narrator Ted were tantalizing.  My bet is that Ted won’t pursue this woman until maybe the end of this season, possibly out of deference to Cindy, but now that he knows she exists and that he’s attracted to her before they’ve even met — folks, it’s only a matter of time!


7 thoughts on “HIMYM: How I Met Your 100th Episode

  1. I’m wondering how he’ll even get in touch with the roommate, since it seemed to end kind of sourly with Cindy. Do you think the final episode will be him meeting her for the first time, or will they meet before that?

  2. Well, at the very least, he knows the address of their apartment, so maybe Ted could contrive to show up and introduce himself sometime when he knows Cindy will be out. Or maybe Cindy will cool off and be willing to make the introduction. Or maybe Ted will run into her at school — we know Cindy was in that econ class, but we’ve been told before that the mother was, too, so I bet they’re both grad students. Or maybe the mother will make Cindy tell her who returned the yellow umbrella and she’ll get in touch with Ted that way.

    I think it’s likely that we’ll meet the mother in the series finale and that’ll just be the end of the show. If not, it’ll definitely come in a big episode of some kind (maybe a season finale or premiere?) and then we’d get more time to get to know this woman Ted’s spent five season searching for. Which… could be awesome, or it could sink the show.

    That got kind of long. Anyone else have a theory?

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just ran into her somewhere. Perhaps in a bar, he looks across the room, and there sits a beautiful woman–with a yellow umbrella at her feet!

    Btw, nerdom: I totally was noticing that the street scene’s dancing with suits was very similar to “They Got the Mustard Out” in the Buffy musical.

    Mustard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_fcXR6t14k

    HIMYM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQwC4YYdmlI (see about minute 2:45)

    Not exactly the same, but there’s a little bit of similarities. I guess that’s just how you dance (or flail) when you’ve got something dry-cleanable.

  4. By the way, totally recognized that blonde from Samurai Girl. Yes, JC, that’s the show that was bugging me.

  5. The one thing that nagged at me in the HIMYM musical was that Robin and Lily were wearing men’s suits. I don’t see why they couldn’t have been in women’s suits – and consequently looked 100% more attractive – for the number. Unless I’m wrong and they were in women’s that fit them horribly.

    When NPH jumped on the taxi “send casual friday down the laundry chute” I felt like he could’ve been performing a broadway number.

    I loved all the random things we learn about the Mother. The robot art especially! I want to meet this girl, too, Ted.

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