Dollhouse: Hatred, death, and love

Raked catches up (in the final hour of her and KT’s proclaimed “Dollhouse Monday” here on Raked Reviews) on the second, heartstopping episode of Dollhouse.

DOLLHOUSE:  2.08 “A Love Supreme”

Wow. I certainly wasn’t expecting such a huge episode. You know, since we saw Sierra kill someone and Topher grow a conscience, this show has really stepped up. Not that I wasn’t enjoying it, but I’m certainly at edge-0f-my-seat status for most of these episodes.

And this one certainly didn’t change anything.

KT’s right. We did see a new Alpha in this episode. He was very Joker-esque in this episode, actually. I was thinking of the insane cartoon character from the old Batman series, especially as he stood there with a fun-yet-sinister smile over Matt, who was wrapped up in explosives.

I must say. I nearly cried when Matt blew up. I didn’t think it was actually going to happen. I’m not sure if you recall, but he was the same Matt from “Ghost” and “Echoes”–the same man that Boyd said just might be perfect for Echo. He was always fun.

Of course, I suppose the one that’s really perfect for Echo is now the man in the hospital bed with no brain activity.

Ballard’s…inactivity…was certainly a surprise. And it’s still unclear what’s really to come of him? Death? Imprinting? Can you imprint someone whose brain is dead? Or a comatose state now and forever?

Alpha’s taking over Ballard’s imprint was just haunting. Expected, as he came out of the chair, but haunting. Once he discovered that he couldn’t get Echo’s love, was all he wanted death? I wish I had seen the season finale all over again to remind me of the old Alpha.

“The old Alpha.” Can that even be true when he’s got forty other minds in him?

I find it interesting. They told Adelle the Echo is just like Alpha. But here’s the difference: Echo has learned to control her various personalities, while Alpha actually let his drive him insane. Sure, he can control them to a degree, but he definitely uses them in a malicious way, not the helpful way Echo looks into her minds.

But Alpha was just brilliant. Putting a virus in Sierra that was then put in all the actives to make them sleepers? That’s incredible. And so horrific. There’s so much power in this technology that not even Topher saw that coming.

Speaking of power, whatever hope I had for Adelle is lost. We saw her turn sour in the last episode, and while I thought it was the care she had over the dolls in her House that motivated her into taking power again, perhaps it was more the idea of control. She’s so dark now, and I really wonder what will turn her back. We know something in her heart clicks back, what with what we’ll see in the future of “Epitaph One,” but for now, it’s stone cold.

Did you see the hatred in her eyes when she looked at Echo? That was even before she figured out Echo had the multiple minds. Sure, she found out that she was working with Ballard for three months, but it’s more than that. She’s out of her control; she’s keeping secrets. It’s plain hatred.

You know, I must say, I’ll miss the camaraderie between Ballard and Boyd. I actually liked the support system behind Echo. Now, everything’s changed.

And Alpha’s still out there. I wonder if we’ll see more…before the series ends. Sigh. Great ep, though. To say the least.


2 thoughts on “Dollhouse: Hatred, death, and love

  1. Wow, I didn’t even recognize Matt — figured he was just another pretty face. Good eye!

    Once he discovered that he couldn’t get Echo’s love, was all he wanted death?

    Since that was Paul speaking from within Alpha, I think he wanted Echo to kill the body he was in — Alpha. (But it’s possible he meant to give Echo a do-not-resuscitate order for his own braindead body, I suppose.)

    Echo has learned to control her various personalities, while Alpha actually let his drive him insane.

    I think it makes a difference that he started out as a psychopath, too. Still a good point, though.

  2. Yeah, I kinda forgot he started off as a psychopath. That’s probably why I want to watch last season’s finale again.

    But as for Alpha/Paul, I thought the same thing you did when I first watched it. It’s Paul asking Echo to kill him so that Alpha will be stopped. But then I thought about how Echo used her personalities in different ways, and I started wondering whether Alpha was tricking her somehow. He certainly was trying to get a reaction from her by taking on that imprint, and the way he looked when she didn’t go through with the death really made me ponder if this was all part of his plan: love or death.

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