Alice, the conclusion

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I want more! Please, please, please?

I adored this mini-series, and I’ve already told JC it’s on my DVD wishlist. Did you hear that, Syfy?

I should say this, though. I felt that this part of the mini-series was a little rushed. I feel like we had a fantastic, drawn-out setup in the first half, and this half was just trying to conclude all of that. I mean, we only got to see one more Wonderland character–the Caterpillar.

And I loved that part. I loved seeing all those in their units that were reflecting what Alice experienced in the book. And his disappearing act? Wonderful.

But personally, I would have loved to see this as a three-part event. I would have liked to see them try to get the Carpenter to meet Alice, instead of his sudden appearance (though the reveal of his being Alice’s father was fantastic). I would have liked to see a little more of Alice as a child.

And personally, I would have loved to see the Hatter turn a little dark. I had mentioned in the comments of my review of Part I that he looked a bit rabbit-like to me. Honestly, until just about the last 15 minutes–right after he punched Mad March, actually (which, by the way, just seemed a little too easy in my tastes, though I loved seeing them reunite, knowing they were in the tea party together back in the day)–I thought he was going to turn on Alice. Even just turn for a moment and then have a change of heart. There was just this connection between Mad March, the White Rabbit Organization, and his rabbit-like features that made me curious.

In the end, I’m glad he was good, and I adored the ending. Honestly, the way he so openly but secretly expressed his feelings for Alice was just so heartwarming. His “finally” at the end was just fantastic.

And you know who else was heartwarming and fantastic? Charlie, the White Knight. I’ve always had a soft spot for the White Knight, and just finding out how he felt about his cowardice… And his idea to set up the deceased soldiers to trick the suits–that was great. For a moment there, I thought he really did die in that war, and I was heartbroken. But seeing him in the end, that was just fantastic. I’m so glad he got such a large role in this mini-series.

Overall, though, I adored it. I know I’ve already said that, but I really did. The fantastical nature. The way it twisted and turned what we’ve always known about Wonderland. The fact that the good guys won. That’s so great.

And what do you think about Hatter joining her in the real world, calling himself David? A happy ending nonetheless, but you know Alice couldn’t stay in Wonderland forever. After all, the Alice of legend couldn’t.

And what about Alice of legend? Did anyone notice that Alice was actually only gone an hour, when it was days in Wonderland? Now, I’m not doing the calculations right now in my head, but that kind of time alignment might just mean that the Alice we know could very well have been in Wonderland as a child–even if it was 150 years ago in Wonderland’s time. And just that thought makes me happy.


One thought on “Alice, the conclusion

  1. This was a good series. I do agree that the second half appeared a little rushed, and it probably could have been made into a three-parter. There was some more surreal weirdness that I’m sure they could have exploited. It might have been nice if they could have mined Alice and her father’s relationship a little bit more, perhaps make him more slowly realize who she really was, rather than having it happen in one sudden epiphany. But otherwise, it was very good. Good job Syfy! Now stop making movies about sharks attacking airplanes!

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