It’s official: FOX cancels ‘Dollhouse’

It’s not that it’s a huge surprise, just a huge disappointment. It’s true: Today is the day that FOX officially axed the sophomore series, wiping its hands of the series after it finishes its 13-episode run.

To be fair, at least it’s allowing Joss to finish up the series in some sort of fashion. According to the article:

The sci-fi series, which is filming episode 11, is expected to finish its 13-episode order, and Whedon is expected to give the show a proper ending.

But it’s still unfair to know that we’ll really not get to see what led us from the beginning to “Epitaph One”–at least not in the detailed, elongated time that it should.

And again, I’m not surprised. Well, I’m surprised that it was announced now, but after the show was pushed away from November sweeps, it didn’t surprise me that the show would eventually be pushed out the door. Plus, with the comment that the show was only finishing its run because the bossman at FOX was afraid of the fans, well, that certainly didn’t help (though it did make me laugh).

But I am disappointed. The show really hit its stride mid-last season, and this season it’s been better than ever, as the latest Sierra-centric episode showed us. We were finally seeing where the show could go and how it could develop. Echo was finally more than what she seemed (which was the big complaint of season one), and I was all amped up to see what would become of Whiskey, aka Dr. Saunders, when she returned to the Dollhouse.

The characters alone kept me coming back. Boyd was probably my favorite, and even Adelle was starting to develop into areas yet unseen. And the shades of gray that were the Dollhouse’s morality just became more and more complex the more we got into it this season. God forbid we keep a show that made you think.

But there’s still time to ask the morality questions and to even see what happens to our favorite characters. We’ve only seen half of the season, so there is a little more time to enjoy it. So tune back in on December 4. To say good-bye and to appreciate when good television was on the air.

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Update: This is probably the most heartbreaking part of it all. Dichen Lachman‘s latest tweet:

Feel sad though. Joss told us this morning.

Another update: Joss Whedon’s response. Key phrase:

By the time the last episode airs, you’ll know what my next project is.

That’s tantalizing, right?


8 thoughts on “It’s official: FOX cancels ‘Dollhouse’

  1. Well, “proper.” I guess that means better than Firefly but maybe worse than Angel? Hopefully better.

  2. I kind of feel like we should hold a wake. A smart show gone before it’s time.

    I am grateful that Fox is airing the rest of the season, though. Sigh.

  3. Though I did have a hunch that this was the way things were headed when, in combination with the FOX article, I read this in another article earlier this past month:

    “During Dark Horse Comics’ Buffy The Vampire Slayer panel, editor Scott Allie said that Dollhouse creator Joss Whedon had reversed his previous “No Dollhouse comic” stance:

    Dollhouse? There’s a chance… When Joss first told me he was going to do the ‘Dollhouse’ show, I said ‘Well, I know you don’t want to do comic right away, but whenever you want to do then, we want to do them.’ He said, ‘Yeah, I just don’t really see how it’s a comic, but if we’re gonna do it, I’ll do it with you guys.’ And then at San Diego this year, he said ‘I know how we can do it as a comic.’ And that’s where we left it.”

    I didn’t think it was necessarily a good sign that Joss was thinking about carrying over the show to an offscreen format while it was currently getting low ratings onscreen.

  4. Yeah, Joss is clearly not a stupid man and keeps his options open. I’m glad he changed his mind, even if it was before the show was actually axed. I’ve really gotten into Angel, and I think this would probably work well in comic form.

  5. I could see it as a web series. And by see I mean I trust that Joss could bundle a coherent awesome Dollhouse platform into the web series format.

    This is kind of a random plug, but anyone seen the Angel of Death webseries at Crackle? Fantastic mini-cinematography and story telling in (i think) 9 webisodes. Included guest stars: Lucy Lawless, Ted Raimi, and other awesome acts. Main actress is Zoe Bell is a great lesser known New Zealand actress who got a huge start as Lawless’s stunt double on Xena and later as Uma Thurman’s stunt double in Kill Bill.

    Hard to explain plot, but its intense emotions and jam packed story arc prove that brilliance can be scaled down to the small screen. I trust in Joss. (Angel of Death can be found here

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