Big Bang: Can’t we all just get along?

BIG BANG THEORY: 3.07 “The Guitarist Amplification”

In case you’re wondering, I think Leonard was in the wrong. I think that if Penny wants to have her friend–ex-boyfriend or not–sleep on her couch, it’s her decision, not his. He lives right across the hall. It’s not like he really has to wonder what’s going on. Plus, he’s on the couch. Sure, a few weeks is a long time, but that’s just an inconvenience for him. It’s her choice.

Should she have told him earlier? Ok, sure. But should she have to ask? Not at all.

Personally, I loved how this one conflict just spiralled more and more into other fights throughout the rest of the characters. And honestly, I kinda wish it had been paired with How I Met Your Mother‘s “Bagpipes,” because they would have gone hand in hand. Trust me, I know. I watched “Bagpipes” the night before.

And you know, other than Penny and Leonard’s fight, nothing was really over the top in this episode. All the fights and spats were believable. Nothing was too annoying.

And Sheldon was great.

At first, you really didn’t notice how childlike his actions were. It was just typical Sheldon. But the further in you got, the more you started realizing that he was just regressing. Sure, it was almost heartbreaking to hear that his own family life was so full of fighting (“Well, clearly you’re wrong because I’m drunk and you’re still here!”), but it was just so funny that you forgot how much pain he was probably in.

We’re used to Sheldon just running away from what he doesn’t like, and fighting would be no other option. And I do like that we got to hear why–it gives him a little more depth.

But that wasn’t even the fun part. The one-liners were great, but the best part was clearly Sheldon in the comic store. Regressing to his child age. And once again, we see Leonard and Penny as parents (much like we did on their double date). The fact that Penny actually made him feel better with a comic and a robot was great–only matched by Sheldon’s defense against the fighting using the robots’ sounds. It was fantastic.

There wasn’t all that much to this episode, so I feel actually rather sad to have to drop the review so early. Plus, I’m pretty tired and am not sure what else to write. So help me out. What’d you think? Let me know in the comments.


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