HIMYM: The trouble with double

KT is checking the egg timer for charades.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER:  5.04 “The Sexless Innkeeper”

A large part of this episode is an extension of a joke from the season premiere — remember Lily’s excitement over the possibility of double dating?  There they shut her down with cliché break-up lines until she locked them in the bedroom and made them admit that they’re dating.

Recall that we’ve seen Marshall and Lily try the double dating thing before.  They had at least one other couple over for a disastrous wine and cheese tasting while the rest of the gang was clubbing in “Okay Awesome” (season 1) and we saw a summary of their also-disastrous friendship with a couple down the hall in “The Platinum Rule” (season 3).

So here we learn that Lily and Marshall are perhaps not the greatest entertainers in the world (I loved the escaping couple who turned to find a threatening Lily at the door with a pie server).  Even Ranjit (Ranjit!) couldn’t take it.  And when Barney and Robin can’t take it, but can’t summon the courage to tell their friends the brutal truth, out come the break-up cliches again.

I loved that one of those was a Barney-style break-up cliché, though — the wild sort of story that only the dumbest of his bimbos would swallow.  I loved watching everyone else’s reactions there:  Robin’s is “Dammit, do you have to?”  Lily’s is “Don’t give me this crap,” and Marshall is totally, “Aliens?  Really?”  Not that Marshall’s a bimbo, but we’ve seen before that this is kind of a weak spot with him, up there with superstitions and lightsabers (which totally will be a reality in three to five years.)

Eventually, it’s Ted who convinces them that they have to face the problem.  That struck me as a little odd — the husband and I were watching last season’s “Happily Ever After” the other night, in which Ted has a long spiel about how he’s from Ohio, and in Ohio, people push their pain down until it goes away.  But I suppose this isn’t quite the same sort of thing.

However, Marshall’s slide shows (yay for Jason Segal singing!) and the sexless innkeeper poems were all kinds of awesome.  The wardrobe department (which must feature quite the wig collection) pulled out the Barnabus Stinson wig from “The Goat,” and Ted got a pretty impressive one, too.  Loved Barney’s idea of poetic license.

Eventually, of course, Marshall and Lily and Barney and Robin are hugging in the rain and spouting more romcom cliches like their lives depend on it.  Aww.  But really, Barney and Robin just need to help Lily and Marshall loosen up and have some fun.  I loved the egg timer trail, though.

Meanwhile, Ted’s living the sexy single life while Barney is going to brunch… but the final scene makes it clear that Barney’s not a tamed house cat yet!  I expect we’ll see more of that tension before too long.  (Speaking of house cats… poor Lily’s mom!)

Truest words in the episode:  “Barney and I are barely equipped to date each other, much less you guys!”  I’m hoping for more wacky double dates in the near future!


2 thoughts on “HIMYM: The trouble with double

  1. I hope you already saw this: http://itwasthebestnightever.com/ Wonderful.

    Also, my surprise in this entire time is that Lily and Marshall desperately want other couple friends. Considering how long they’ve been together, you would have thought that it would be even while they were engaged, even though technically they say it’s been since they were married. Anyway, don’t you think they would have had some sort of double date with Robin and Ted when they were together?

  2. Fabulous as ever. Thanks for linking to it — I’d completely forgotten!

    As for the double dating…you would think so! The only excuse I can come up with is that when Ted and Robin were dating, Ted and Marshall and Lily were all living together. Might have made for a slightly different dynamic when all four of them were there all the time.

    Then there’s also the way that Ted knew exactly how Marshall and Lily’s double dates tend to go and he knew about the thing with the cheese. So maybe he has double dated with them at some point and we just haven’t seen it?

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