Oh, NBC, I’m mad. You canceled ‘Southland’?!?!

I have to say one thing: At least FOX aired the shows before they canceled them. Firefly, Tru Calling, Wonderfalls. If you noticed, you got to see episodes on the air.

NBC has taken it’s fear tactic one step too far. They’ve canceled Southland before it even premiered its second season.

Apparently, because NBC has had a major suck-fest over Mercy and Trauma, they figured they’d go ahead and cancel a series that they assumed would have similar ratings.

Now, let’s analyze. First of all, Southland would be going into its sophomore year, which means it’d be carrying over at least some of its viewers from last season. Not all, I bet, because they shifted it over to a Friday night death slot. Plus, they delayed the premiere so that people wouldn’t know when to find it.

BUT it had a huge cliffhanger ending to last year. When you leave a character dead on the pavement at the end of its freshman year, you honestly don’t know if he’s going to really make it. So is he dead or is he alive? We’ll never know.

Oh the other hand, Mercy and Trauma are new series. They have no reason to gather viewers or for people to watch, except to take a chance. These are completely different rating strategies. Plus, believe it or not, Southland generally doesn’t cover taking care of ill, sick, or injured people. They’re cops, not hopital workers or even ambulance workers. Different subject matter.

But NBC’s scared. They’re dying. Quickly. The blood is draining out of the life of NBC, and now, fans are getting hurt.

Well, I’ll tell you one thing: You certainly don’t keep viewers by canceling shows they care about. You can ask FOX that. They’ve had a lot of experience. They know all about the backlash.

So now it’s your turn. Backlash it up, people!

According to the article announcing cancelation that I read, John Wells says,

I’m disappointed that NBC no longer has the time periods available to support the kind of critically-acclaimed series that was for so many years, a hallmark of their success…We remain extremely proud of Southland and are actively looking for another home for the series.

Another home. There’s always that chance. So if you’re a Southland fan, I’d start making it known ASAP. This is gritty, real television, and it deserves to be somewhere.

So start getting angry, people. I have a few choice words for NBC, but hey, I try to keep it clean here on Raked. Is it fair to cancel before giving it a chance on the air? I don’t think so. And now I’m mad.

image from tvfanatic.com

image from tvfanatic.com


5 thoughts on “Oh, NBC, I’m mad. You canceled ‘Southland’?!?!

  1. NPR ran a great blog rebuking NBC’s move to cancel Southland. http://www.npr.org/blogs/monkeysee/2009/10/nbcs_depressing_surrender_is_a.html

    As a television addict who gets only NBC, FOX, ABC, TBS, CW, CBS, and PBS — NBC’s death is like killing off one of my dealers. If ever there were a time to be a fly on the NBC head honcho’s wall…What the diddle does NBC think its future is in? It’s apparently not drama (I say SVU moves to a new network or gets the axe altogether by the end of this season) and – god help us – not variety shows. Is it going to be exclusively news oriented?

    I wasn’t a Southland fan, but I am a scripted-tv fan to the core. If NBC ditches scripted tv for good I won’t stick around to watch the noodlepansy they replace it with.

  2. I think I’m in similar shoes. I haven’t seen many episodes, but it’s quality, scripted, and as real as a show can get. It’s not cookie cutter. At this point, I think the person handling NBC is just desperately grabbing at straws to try to get through a tough time, instead of putting together a cohesive network that has future goals.

    It’s rumored that Chuck might be coming in the fall, now that there’s an extra hour of television. Well, that’s great. I know people love Chuck, and I’m not one to say anything negative about it. But if NBC thought that bring Chuck on earlier would save ratings, why not just switch Southland and Chuck’s premieres–make Southland the mid-season show instead–just so that it would still get the chance it deserves?

  3. This is nonsense. NBC is just speeding up it’s circle down the drain of irrelevance. The least they could do is air the six episodes in the can and see how the ratings go. I hope some other network has half a brain and picks up this show.

    I loved this show. Screw you, NBC.

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