Jay Leno premieres tonight–and I’m not watching.

That’s right. The new PRIMETIME interview show starts tonight: Jay Leno’s new show on NBC. What is it called, anyway? The Jay Leno Show?

Anyway, in case you missed the headline, I’ll not be watching. I just have a lot of better things to do: wash my hair, windex the mirrors, cut the grass with scissors, stare at a wall, etc.

And yes, Leno clearly lucked out by booking Kanye West long before he screwed over poor Taylor Swift. Yes, that’s right. Kanye will be on the show tonight. Who knows what he will say (an entire writers’ room is probably filled with pencil scratching to decide what Leno will ask and what jokes he’ll say), but despite my curiosity, I’m not watching.

Ignoring the joke above, I really have no interest in seeing Jay Leno. I mean, I thought he was leaving The Tonight Show for a reason, but the NBC seemed to have backtracked and decided to give him another show. And it’s every night at 10:00.

There’s so much better programming than Leno on at 10:00 during the week! Why not just give him Saturday and call it a day! We could have Kings, for goodness sake.

I just feel like this is a big mistake on NBC’s part. I mean, this is taking five hours of TV away from them. They’ve basically structured their schedule so they’re like FOX or The CW, except that those stations usually have the news right after their programming.

And it’s actually disappointing. I realize the NBC is kinda poor right now (Ooh, I have an idea for that! Kill of half the cast of Heroes! It’ll help the show and the network!), but it’s actually been pretty impressive this summer. I’ve been quite pleased with Merlin, and even though it’s not an NBC original, it’s quality programming that I wanted to check out week to week. NBC can do it; they just…won’t?

But how long can they really keep a primetime interview show going? I mean, Leno was moving on from The Tonight Show. How long would he want this? And how long do we? Honestly, I don’t think it’ll go past the year–and I only think it will go that far because he’s probably got a contract with a big pricetag.

And they’re clearly trying to make it successful. They’ve got some big guests this week (you can see them here), so maybe it will grab some attention.

But for me, it just isn’t my style. I want primetime to be real shows. (I’m still annoyed that reality TV still gets in the way.) I mean, he might make for some good background noise, but as for tonight, I think I’ll watch the premiere of One Tree Hill…and then take down all my curtains and hand wash them with a toothbrush.


5 thoughts on “Jay Leno premieres tonight–and I’m not watching.

  1. I saw someone else comment on another website about this. They said, basically, that this is NBC’s attempt at a huge, hail mary pass to the end zone as time is running out. Usually those plays fail, and I think this one will too. Can you update us with ratings in like a week?

  2. I heard a radio DJ suggest that, but I don’t think he has a couch. I happened to flip past it, and he was talking to Kanye like he was Oprah. Not a good sign, and I certainly didn’t keep it there!

  3. Here’s the newest stats:

    NBC has Leno, who averaged 6 million viewers in his second week against real competition, down from 12 million in his premiere week against Primetime: Family Secrets…

    Found here, which also has some bad news for Dollhouse ratings.

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