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RECAP REVIEW: Elvis Presley: The Ed Sullivan Shows: The Performances

I don’t know if you’ve quite noticed yet, but I’m a TV fan. So much so that when I see shows from way back when (no offense intended), I’m naturally curious to see what they were like.

For example, The Ed Sullivan Show. It was 50 years ago. I certainly haven’t seen it! So I got my hands on this new DVD, which shows off three of Elvis’ famous performances on the show.

Now, you can shame me as necessary, but I’m not actually too familiar with Elvis’ music. Of course, I know the famous ones. Who doesn’t? But to be honest, I have to admit that I learned the most about Elvis by watching Jesse on Full House. Shame.

So I enjoyed this. Not only was the fantastically old 1950s Ed Sullivan intro entertaining to watch (very I Dream of Jeannie somehow). But wow, just hearing the screams of all the girls as Elvis was even just mentioned. He didn’t even have to be on stage. And while I realize the JoBros get tears and swoons, I still think they’ve got something to learn from this man.

Now, being 1950s television, of course, the risque dancing of the time is not exactly shown to the television audience (pretty much everything is from the chest up), but when you hear the screams arise, you know there’s something causing it. Back when these were aired in ’55, ’56, and ’57, TV had standards (now we have reality TV).

It’s pretty entertaining. It’s straight clips of all Elvis’ performances and Ed’s intros (well, plus an intro from Ed Sullivan’s fill-in for the first performance; I haven’t watched the special feature yet to find out why Ed wasn’t there that day, but I’m sure it’s a good story). It’s a good watch.

If you’re looking for variety in his music, well, that’s where it’s lacking a little. You didn’t expect Elvis not to play his top hits at every performance, right? So there are some repeated songs, but just enjoy the backup singers and the different outfits. And hearing him sing them should be gift enough. But I did notice at least one song that I know I never heard Jesse Katsopolis play in the Tanner house, so that was refreshing.

And you know, he just seemed like a nice guy. You gotta give him props for that. Plus, give it up for the 284 teddy bears he received at Christmastime, if I recall his story correctly. That comment was cute.

So I’m glad I checked it out. And now it’s your turn! I’m giving away one copy of this DVD to one of my lucky readers!

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