True Blood: “In order to save something, sometimes you have to destroy it.”

TRUE BLOOD: 3.10 “Frenzy”

It’s in the Bible or the Constitution.  Words of wisdom by Jason Stackhouse, everyone.  Does Jason remind anyone else of George Bush?  I don’t know if it’s the malaprops or the beady eyes, or “aw shucks did I just blow that up” grin.  Maybe it’s that his idea of saving the world includes lots of guns, but whenever I see him, I think W.  In the first season, I just thought, yum; perhaps he needs to go shirtless more.

How did Marianne even get to Bon Temps in the first place?  Well, it seems that when Tara was exorcised, Marianne was summoned in the process.  Marianne tells her that despite the fraudulent exorcism, we must be careful with rituals, lest they work in unintended ways.

If rituals have unintended consequences (like people’s hearts being cut open), it seems that Marianne is experimenting to have her sacrifice to Dionysus work.  Despite having achieved immortality (something that she attained via evolution), Marianne needs a supernatural human, like a shifter, to sacrifice in order to summon Dionysus (who may or may not show).  If Dionysus comes, Marianne will then offer herself to him, and die.  Having learned this from the queen, Bill is more than happy to help Marianne catch Sam.  Who thinks that there are 2-1 odds that Sookie will offer herself up to save Sam?

Also in the business of saving Sam is Eric, who goes to the queen shortly after Bill does to find out how to destroy a maenad (at Sam’s request).  It’s interesting that Sam and Eric, who both have interest in Sookie, are teaming up to destroy Marianne.  I wonder if they’re also hoping to steal Sookie from Bill.  And if they are, can we have more Eric please?  He was wearing a Norman Bates as his mother dress, and I still found myself drooling.

Aside from Eric, the religious undertones of this season have been fascinating.  Bon Temps is primarily a Christian town, but under the influence of Marianne (and her Pagan rituals), the residents are living up to the town’s name.  Vampires may be evil and hedonistic, but they look positively restrained next to the orgies Marianne throws.  This season of True Blood tells us that religious fervor is dangerous when unchecked—vampires are way more temperate than humans.  If we look at the violence perpetrated by Marianne and fang haters/the Fellowship of the Sun, it greatly outnumbers that done by the vampires.  Seemingly the message is that certitude in one’s moral choices can be more destructive than an open mind; Sookie is our hero in this show because she’s willing to accept vampires and the townspeople equally into her life.

Going into the September 13th season finale, we still have some questions left unanswered and some new ones that were raised by that crazy cliffhanger.  Sookie’s trapped in a room with Tara, who’s back under Marianne’s grip (who knew that a slap in the face could be that powerful?), Eggs (is he dead or not?), and Lafayette (will he now start having crazy dreams about Marianne too?).   More importantly, will Bill and Eric finally have a physical confrontation over Sookie? Will Eric have to rescue Sookie from the room of crazy? Will Andy get his job back?  In the season finale, we’ll see Marianne performing the sacrificial ritual, and hopefully we’ll have answers.  As is always the case with True Blood, however, I suspect we’ll have more questions.  See you all in two weeks!


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