An early look at tonight’s ‘Leverage’

You know I love Leverage. I especially love it when I get to see an episode early, which I did for tonight’s episode. And you know what? It’s worth watching again tonight.

I’ll try not to spoil too much–I did include one little tease that some of you might consider a spoiler, of sorts–but if you’re especially sensitive, you might not want to keep reading and just watch tonight.

image courtesy of TNT

But for the rest of you, what would happen if a bunch of thieves met a bunch of thieves? Well, Leverage hits its own Bizarro World tonight, when Nate’s crew meets up with another gang. A gang that just so happens has a grifter/mastermind, a hacker (played by the one and only Wil Wheaton), a hitter (oh yes, a girl goes up against Eliot), and of course, a thief.

And in case you’re wondering if Nate’s gang really sees that they’re another version of themselves out there, well, they certainly do. And it’s great to see them interact.

My favorite, I think (despite my photo choice), was Hardison and “Chaos,” played by Wil Wheaton and their nerdy techno wars. They’re really fantastic. But seeing Eliot decide whether to beat up a girl? Not too shappy.

And for you men out there, there’s a good explosion, too (as you’ve seen in the trailer, I’m sure), so you can’t beat that. And not to spoil too much here, but I will say, there is a funeral.

This episode was originally planned for the summer season finale, and the way it leaves off, honestly, it would have been an incredible one. I’m very happy for the extra two episodes we’re going to get, but man, to leave off on that note–along with the extra enjoyment–it was great.

So check in tonight on TNT. I think you’ll like what you see.

image courtesy of TNT


All images courtesy of TNT.


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