An early look at ‘Community’

COMMUNITY: 1.01 “The Pilot”

If you haven’t seen Community yet, well, it appears that you’re a little out of the loop. I’ve seen it, and I’m not special. I’m just your average TV-watcher that has an account on Facebook.

That’s right, you can see the entire Community pilot on Facebook. All you have to do is be a fan of the show, and you can watch it!

And you should. Because it’s hilarious. Well, let me clarify: I don’t necessarily think it’s a laugh-out-loud comedy. I mean, you might on some lines (say, when they make fun of Ryan Seacrest–how Joel McHale). But for the most part, you’re looking at very subtle lines and humor that might take you a minute to realize that you just got. And I think that’s fantastic.

I’m tired of shows forcing the humor down your throat. Say, Parks and Recreation? That show so desperately wants to be The Office (which is also losing some of its subtlety), that it’s painful.

But not Community. I mean, think about the one joke that we’ve heard all over the promos:

“I thought you had your law degree from Columbia.”

“Now I need one from America.”

You pause and you get it, but it’s not instantaneous, which pretty much encompasses the show.

Now, you have to understand. You probably won’t like Joel McHale’s character. But that what makes you want to watch him. He’s so despicable. I mean, he’ll do what he needs to do to get by. Anything. Lie. Steal. Cheat. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily all work out in the end, but does it really need to? If it did, where would we have the show?

My favorite part is definitely the characters. Some of the best shows take a group of people with nothing in common and puts them together to see how they interact. Even The Office did it. The only thing these people had in common was that they worked in the same place. This time? That they all take the same foreign language class. And man, these people have nothing in common. They’re fantastic when they all communicate–or don’t, as the case my be.

Anyway, it’s worth checking out. And personally, I’m glad NBC put it online early. Not only does it get great promotion for the show (trust me, you’ll want to keep watching), but it gives it a little competitive advantage over Glee, since we’ve already seen that show, too.

Plus, it’s a great tribute to John Hughes. The Breakfast Club really resonates throughout the episode, which is appropriate since they posted it a week after he died. I wonder if it was purposeful.

Maybe, maybe.

By the way, if you’re worried about Chevy Chase’s performance (as I was), don’t worry. He’s great. Quite fun and underplayed. I think he’ll be great in the role.


3 thoughts on “An early look at ‘Community’

  1. The episode felt overly aware of its jokes until about the second half where it calmed down. I love Abed’s character. (I thought the funniest line was his “Oh” when Joel broke the pencil…I don’t know what that says about me).

    I’m interested enough in it to continue watching as long as it doesn’t turn into Better off Ted, which for some unknown reason is like a high pitched nail to my chalkboard brain.

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