Eli Stone’s triumphant return (start fanfare)

ELI STONE: 2.10 “Sonoma”

Eli Stone returned with new episodes this Saturday. You wouldn’t know it based on ABC’s stellar attempts at advertising it. Oh yeah. They didn’t. Moving on…

My heart breaks for this show. I love it. Why must it go?

We dropped right in from where we left–and had a song at the start, too! At first I was mildly annoyed: How dare they leave us with a life-endangering nosebleed just to have us start back up just fine? But nope, a dream.

Anyway, I’m very curious to see what the second aneurysm will do to Eli. Will he still have his visions? Will he be more likely to die suddenly? (I’m personally calculating whether if an aneurysm can kill him at any instant, whether two will double his chances or if they remain the same. If there’s an infinite number of chances to start…)

But I’m glad we didn’t continue with a long saga or else we couldn’t have had the fun plot that we had. I adored Matt hiding from his ex in Sonoma, and how he was immediately held in contempt for his actions ten years ago (though yes, Taylor was right to ask the judge to recuse herself from the trial). And how cute were Taylor and Matt, holding hands asleep in jail. Loved it.

But what about Eli and Maggie? Bah, Maggie. Can I blame the cancellation on how annoying Maggie is? I still hate their couply-ness. I still can’t stand the thought of them together. But methinks that we’ll end up with them as a couple, since she’s envisioned them together in a vision last season and we just had the awkward sex moment.

How old is she, twelve? Boo.

Anyway, I guess if it makes Eli happy, I should be happy, too, right? Though I personally wish he’d end up with Grace, but I think that option is long gone.

Really, the meat of the episode was cleary in the reveal of the black magic work done on Eli’s father. Personally, I think they approached this reveal slightly flawed. It had its punch, and it certainly was worth mentioning in this episode, and I love the twist. But why’d they have to reveal it twice? First to Nate, then to Eli?

I think the best thing to do was to make the discussion between Nate and Chen behind closed doors. Lead it up with “I have something to tell you” or something like that and then end the scene. We’ll assume they’ve talked when they end up on Eli’s doorstep together.


THEN we have the full reveal, so both the audience and Eli are completely shocked. And we see his reaction in full effect, not as an aftereffect since we know what they’re going to say.

Anyway, it’s still a worthwhile reveal. But clearly Eli won’t die in a week. So what will happen? What will the second aneurysm do?

And why are only three episodes left of this brilliant show?


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