Thursday Open Thread: Choose One Show

I’ve been running a poll on my Twitter and even on my personal Facebook account, but I thought I’d spread it over to here–especially since this where I’ll be posting the results. Here’s our Thursday Open Thread question today.

If you could see ONE show–and only ONE–return next fall, what would it be?

And yes, this includes shows that have already been renewed. If you were forced to only have ONE show to watch next fall, what would it be?

Because this could get us some pretty minimal responses, why don’t we expand. Let me know the show and WHY you want it kept.

So far, I’ve gotten a lot of shows that were on the bubble–and even some long dead shows like Joan of Arcadia and All in the Family. Not sure how realistic some of those are, but hey, they’re answers. I can’t rule them out.

I’m going to be putting up the results this weekend (think pie charts with colors), so if you’re having trouble deciding, you can provide two answers: one show that’s on the bubble and one show that overall, you’d like to see come back in the fall, even if it’s in safe territory.

Anyway, post your answers quick! I hope to have some results up on Saturday or Sunday. Just in time to get some answers about bubble shows on Monday!

So scroll down and click the red button or just jump to comments here.


8 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Choose One Show

  1. I would definitely like to see Dollhouse come back. I think the first season was very uneven in quality and the finale wasn’t great, but it showed some good signs and I think it would be a lot sharper and more precise in the second season. Whedon could go in a lot of different directions, and maybe explore more of the human trafficking ideas that were touched on in the first season. Hopefully, Fox will give it another shot. I think it will get better!

  2. I’m really torn. I definitely want to see Dollhouse to come back. But is it the ONE show I could live with in the fall? I’m falling head over heels for The Unusuals.

  3. I’m surprised more people aren’t saying Lost. Probably b/c people are focusing only on bubble shows. But I’d say that one’s a favorite. Especially since something big happened last night. I don’t know what it was (I’m waiting until it’s over to watch the entire series), but I hear it was jaw-dropping.

  4. Definitely Lost…Dollhouse would be a very close second for me, followed by HIMYM, but Lost just rocked so hard this season, and with next season being the last one, this is a no-brainer 🙂

  5. HIMYM is on the list for me, too, but if I had to choose just one show, sadly, I don’t know if that would be the one I’d choose. I LOVE it, but Ted is annoying me. I’d hate to choose the show that I’d have to punch the TV for.

    Oh wait, that’d be Heroes. I get so frustrated with that one! (Food for thought: No one has asked for that to be their one show yet. On Twitter, Facebook, or here.)

  6. You should change your question to “Which show would you like most to see off the air next fall?” My vote is Smallville. Its season long buildup to a Superman / Doomsday showdown was resolved in the finale in a matter of 2 minutes with a total of 2 punches thrown (and a tackle by Superman). Of course [insert sarcastic tone here], this was made up for by the preceding 4 episodes worth of everyone and their mother trying to convince Clark that he MUST CHOOSE TO KILL while he resists their demands with that frustrated yet hopeful stare that Tom Welling does so well. I haven’t been this annoyed with a season finale since the first season of Heroes wrapped up. Just another case of too much build-up capped off with too little payoff. On the bright side, they knocked off both of Chloe’s love interests, so those who continue to watch won’t have to deal with that whiney “why don’t you trust me with your secrets” crap from Jimmy Olsen again next season.

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