THE BIG BANG THEORY: 2.23 “The Monopolar Expedition”

My dad’s a bigger critic of TV than I am, and even he was laughing at this episode. And you know, it really was funny.

Somewhat unrealistic, but funny.

Ok, considering the relationship to Sheldon’s research, I can believe the Sheldon would have been invited on this expedition. However, I don’t see the university allowing him to bring his own team along–especially if someone had to drop out to get Sheldon in–and I certainly don’t think that the team would have included the three other guys of the show, especially when one has his Master’s in engineering. It makes no sense.

And while it was a huge opportunity, I certainly wouldn’t be one jumping up and down to move to the North Pole for three months. I’d be in the boat with Raj and Howard’s mothers (hilarious interactions, by the way), and be saying no way.

But it’s a TV show, and you can suspend reality. And that’s where we have the fun.

I love that Sheldon is actually attempting to play pranks. He’s probably the best prankster of all of them just because he’s always so serious all the time, and the guys are afraid of crossing him (solely because he reacts so annoyingly).

And I must say that I really enjoyed seeing the Snuggie make another appearance on network TV. We have the Snoodle here. The Slanket on 30 Rock. Oh, Snuggie…

What about that Snuggie, though? Was anyone thrilled with the Leonard/Penny storyline? I mentioned in my post last week that the tension between the two has been so inconsistent that the recent buildup has been rather strange.

I understand her being disappointed they’re all leaving. She’s losing four of her friends. And she may have some feelings left there, but they seemed overdramatized. But maybe that’s the best way they could fit some reaction to their leaving in there. Or was that Big Bang‘s attempt at a cliffhanger? I don’t know.

I did enjoy, though, Penny’s reaction to Sheldon’s typical knock. Her knock back was HILARIOUS. Definitely one for the books.

Anyway, overall, I liked the episode, despite this more-negative-than-anticipated review. It was just funny, and I think that’s what the finale needed to be. We’re not watching Ross and Rachel here. We’re watching a bunch of nerdy, geeky guys. Who needs the drama?

Unless killer robots are involved. You can’t have those without drama. And fire. Fire helps.

PS – Enjoyed Sheldon inventing the word Buzzingo (Bazingo?), but it sounds a little too close to Elliot’s “Bajingo” in Scrubs. If you watch Scrubs, you know what I’m talking about.


One thought on “Buzzingo!

  1. I liked this episode, and it’s too bad we’ll have to wait a while for some new ones. I do hope, though, that they don’t turn “Buzzingo” into a catch phrase for Sheldon; I think it could get old after a while.

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