The Scrubs finale

SCRUBS: 8.18 & 8.19 “My Finale”

If they bring back Scrubs for another season, they’re crazy. Because this ending was beautiful. And perfect. I think it’s best said like this, which I grabbed from TV Squad’s review:

Since I have no idea whether this is truly the end for Scrubs or not, I hedged my bets on the season vs. series finale label. I will say this, though: If this is indeed the end for the folks at Sacred Heart, they couldn’t have gone out any better than they did tonight.

And it’s true. This episode was saying good-bye. It wasn’t just about saying good-bye to JD as he left the hospital, but it was also about saying good-bye to everyone that we’ve known and loved over the last eight years. Sticking to the lessons we’ve learned and moving on without knowing where you’re going.

And kudos to Scrubs for giving us one last lesson. The fact that his patient’s mother wouldn’t find out if he had the disease–he wanted his future to be his own. It may be unknown, but at least it was his own, and JD later related to in his final moments at Sacred Heart.

And wow. I’d have to say that Scrubs really found a unique way to say good-bye to all those we’ve seen while looking to the future. The walk down the hall was just fantastic, as he said good-bye to the ones we’ve lost (though I did miss Brendan Fraser) and those we just haven’t seen in a while (where were Doug and Keith?). I mean, bringing back Colin Hay, Laverne (of course!), the women that he grew special bonds with as loves or patients–even Hooch! As each face passed by, I just keep wondering, well what about that guy? There he was. And him? Yep, he’s there, too. Fantastic.

And then they vanish. The past was gone. Ahead was the wonderful element of a slideshow–along with the poignant “Book of Love” by Peter Gabriel–that showed what JD envisioned his future to be. It was the perfect future, and the one that we’ve all been hoping for.

If they continue this show, they’re crazy. That was the perfect end, and anything beyond this will tarnish it. I mean, to create the bond between past and future–while also including the humorous elements like Turk and JD’s eagle–it was all just moving and it fit the show.

Overall, it was great end. We had personal good-byes (yes, we heard the Janitor’s name in that good-bye, but was he telling the truth? Glen? Tommy?) with each character, and JD even got his hug from Perry. Jordan was Jordan, and nice but not too nice. Elliot was neurotic in her secret move-in, but JD accepted it and liked it.

And of course, Turk and JD were forever best friends. Even Carla asked if Turk loved her more, and they’re equal.

Oh, and Dr. Cox’s book? Awesome. I’d love a copy.

This wasn’t an episode about a character leaving. It was about the end of a show. It was about the end of the time of these characters’ lives when they were all together. And while it might not have been as blatant as it was in ER‘s finale, it was about how life will go on with or without you, but you have to find those little meaningful things to take with you on the ride.

I hope this was the end of Scrubs. I’ll miss it, and I’m appreciating it even more, but I think that’s the way it should be when the one you’ve seen grow from boy to man finally leaves the nest.


8 thoughts on “The Scrubs finale

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  2. The walk down the hallway was good, though maybe a bit too much. Some characters were worth seeing, especially some of the patients. I thought Hooch’s appearance wasn’t really necessary, nor Keith’s. However, I would’ve been pissed if Kathryn Joosten (West Wing’s Ms. Landingham, Mrs Tanner from Scrubs Season 1’s “My Old Lady” episode) hadn’t been there. But she was. And actually got a line. Awesome.

    If the show continues, it’d be a little insane. When JD said goodbye to everyone, it was like the audience was saying it too. It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to come right back to all of them again next fall.

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  4. I liked Hooch because he was one of those characters that I forgot about. It was nice to see him again. And I’m back and forth on Keith. Keith was such a rough point for JD that I thought it’d be nice to see him again. But maybe he wasn’t right for that scene.

    Brendan Fraser, though, wish he coulda been there.

    There were a few women in there–patients–that died that I enjoyed seeing. Like the woman who died of an infection, an infection that was given to her because of an unthinking intern. Sorry, I’ve forgotten her name. And the one who saw Heaven as a caberet. I was glad to see her again.

    The ex-girlfriends, though? Not quite so sure.

    By the way, was that Bill Lawrence as a janitor at the end? If so, that should really be the good-bye to the series. Even he was saying it.

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