Scrubs: Send it to the morgue

I love Scrubs. I really do. I watch the new episodes. I watch the reruns. I just enjoy it. Plus, it introduces me to awesome new music, so there you go. Props in all corners.

And recently it was moved to ABC. In its long history, the poor show has moved from fall to winter to Tuesday to Wednesday to Thursday in various timeslots, and it’s just had it pretty rough. Plus, it was all geared up last season to end, and then the Writer’s Strike cut it short, and it didn’t get to air all its episodes.

Enter ABC, who adopted the show, which I appreciated. What I had heard was that they wanted to end Scrubs the way they planned (and it was getting really good there), whether it’d be on air or DVD–they wouldn’t truncate the series just because of NBC’s cancellation or the Writer’s Strike.

So I was glad that ABC was picking it up. It finally gave it that time to really show off it’s final season.

But wait. What’s that I hear about ABC considering picking up the show again?


First, let’s look at who we’re losing. Already, this season is missing characters. Sure, it’s not every episode, but I’ve noticed a lack of Carla, Turk, and even J.D. at times. And I just don’t like it.

Well, according to the article, it looks like all we’d have left is possibly Elliot, with the recurring roles (possibly) of Turk, the Janitor, and Dr. Cox. It just seems to be lacking when J.D. is missing–let alone Carla, who seems to be the only peacemaker and person with her head on straight in the entire show.

It leaves us with the interns, who so far have not impressed me. Now, I haven’t watched the webisodes, so I can’t say how entertaining those are, but as it stands on the show, they’re one-dimensional characters that really can’t carry the show on their own.

I’ve been enjoying this season. And I think ABC has, too, which is why they might see Scrubs as deserving of a gold star. But whatever happened to ending a show on a high note? Letting it have a legacy?

Shows go on too long as is. Look at Friends. Gilmore Girls (sorry, fans, but they ran out of material there). Heck, even Heroes. Networks are afraid to end things on high notes because that actually means they have to come up with good programming in its place, and they’re losing a possible money-maker.

Well, what about a show’s legacy? I mean, I hate to think back and remember “the bad years” of a show. I mean, you turn on Charmed in the afternoon and decide based on the color of Paige’s hair whether it’s worth watching (btw, if Paige is missing, you’re better off).

The characters have all grown to the point that they are going to. We’ve seen J.D., Turk, and Elliot go from young to mature–in their careers and personal lives. Carla’s got two kids (or will), and Dr. Cox even openly loves Jordan. The high note is now. Let Scrubs fade off into the sunset, and hey, even let it carry a high note for ABC with it.

Does ABC really want to be known as the network that let Scrubs suck? I’d hope not.

Please, ABC, let it go. Let our favorite characters stay our favorite characters–and when we see the show in syndicate, we don’t have to worry about “the bad years.” We can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


One thought on “Scrubs: Send it to the morgue

  1. It’d be weird having that show continue without JD. Doesn’t he basically narrate every episode?

    I think I heard somewhere that someone was making a boatload of money of the show in syndication, so they want to extend the back end of it as much as possible so they have more to syndicate, and therefore, make more money off of in the future.

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