The Heroes season finale – dun, dun, DUNNNN!

HEROES: 3.25 “An Invisible Thread”

It’s really hard to write about Heroes right now. Mainly because I just read this, and now I just can’t take it seriously. But anyway…

I think it’d be fun to keep a 2009 finale countdown death tally. So far we have Edie Brit (Desperate Housewives), Kutner (House), and now, Nathan Petrelli.

I must give a hand to Heroes. While they’re still chicken in the killing and removing characters department (why couldn’t Sylar or Nathan just die already?), at least they’re providing us with interesting twists. Now Sylar is Nathan–gee, can’t see how this could turn badly.

Honestly, that’s a new thing that we saw with Matt Parkman, wasn’t it? We knew that he could alter perception, but in the long term? That was new and different. And what will be the repercussions?

We could tell by the short “six weeks later” preview that all is not well in the head of “Nathan Petrelli,” aka Sylar (oh no, will this be another Sam Jim Jim Sam issue? Because Nathan Sylar Sylar Nathan is much harder to type over and over). Mainly the wee issue of the clock. Even Angela saw it. So how long do you think we’ll have Nathan, not Sylar?

I’m hoping a while. What this storyline needs is a slow build. Slow build this–keeping Zachary Quinto away from it as long as humanly possible–and work something else up fast. Like Tracy.

By the way, if you didn’t know Tracy was still alive. You’re clearly doing one of three things wrong. 1) You’re not reading my previous posts. I called this one. 2) You’re not watching the show that closely, because she clearly blinked after she was shattered. 3) You’re not understanding that Heroes will never get rid of major actors. This is why we still have Adrian Pasdar playing Sylar.

Plus, Ali Larter actually announced her appearance in the finale in a late-night show.

Anyway, I think we’ve made a reasonable turn and there’s room to grow. I’m curious most of all to find out about Hiro. As much as I want Hiro alive and well, it does bother me that they seem to leave him with no conclusion in this episode. I think it would have been huge to kill him. But then fans would get upset and we wouldn’t get the Hiro/Ando death-defying matchup that we’re all wanting.

Was there anything else in the episode that really grabbed you? I give props to the burial scene. Not only did they let Matt Parkman sway Sylar, but he swayed them all. Everyone saw Sylar in that fire, which was a great trick of light.

In the end, the majority of our heroes are still standing. And there was one death, so I’ve got to give Heroes props. Plus a twist. Since those seem to be my criteria for memorable television, I guess this one hit the mark.

Let’s just hope Sylar stays far away for a while. Man, he’s annoying.


5 thoughts on “The Heroes season finale – dun, dun, DUNNNN!

  1. I’ve decided something. Joss Whedon needs to visit the Heroes writing staff and give a seminar on how to kill off major characters effectively and — here’s the big part — permanently.

    I also think the writers may just be in love with the actors who have been around since season 1. As you pointed out, the characters from season 1 of this show only have gotten killed off (A) in season 1, or (B) if they can come up with an excuse for keeping the actor around. Ali Larter gets to play the missing third sister. Adrian Pasdar gets to play Nathan-in-Sylar’s-body.

    And Sylar is bound to come bubbling up to the surface — and sooner than we’d like. Guarantee.

    I haven’t watched regularly for a while, so I was pleased to see Nathan and Peter getting along again. Should have known that would mean one of them was about to kick the bucket.

    I was amused by how all we got of the big fight scene was Claire peeking through the crack in the door. Nice way to save on the special effects budget — and I thought it was actually effective in the “anything you imagine will be cooler than anything they can actually put on the screen” kind of way.

    The President turning out to be Peter in disguise — that was a neat moment.

    What happened to Claire’s hair? Did she borrow a wig from Miley Cyrus?

    For a while, I thought they were actually going to kill Hiro — or that they might be setting things up to kill Hiro next season. Which, much as I like the Hiro/Ando relationship…see first paragraph. But here’s my current prediction: in order to use his power without it killing him (and how did that happen, anyway?), he’ll do something that will take him over to the dark side, thus precipitating the grand Hiro-Ando duel.

  2. Yeah, I think the only reason I’m moderately accepting the Nathan/Sylar thing is because at least there’s a twist. But honestly, Sylar needed to die in the first season. He was the big bad of the season–why does he need to be back every year? Joss could also give a little lesson about that.

    As for Hiro, good point. I thought they were going to kill him off, too (there was speculation before the show), and I thought as much as I’d hate it, it would definitely make a moment in the life of Heroes, you know?

    By the way, thank you for FINALLY mentioning Claire’s hair. I’ve been holding on to that one for weeks, but figured it was a bit of a red herring to the rest of the badness. Right up there with Peyton’s last night on One Tree Hill.

    Oh, and the Peter/President switch was nice. I just doubt how much a tranq could bring back Sylar with his super healing, though.

  3. My best guess as to why Sylar is still around is that the writers are trying to play into the comic book thing where the really big bads pop their heads up, cause mayhem, get beaten back, and always come back for more sooner or later. But as with most aspects of this show, the execution has been uneven, to say the least.

    I gotta say, though — this episode has finally led a friend of mind to declare that he is divorcing Heroes, and I think it’s not a bad idea.

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