Stop trying to freak me out!

So the big question is this: Will Dollhouse be renewed for a second season?

Well, will it? Will it??

Only FOX knows. I know that the series seems to be hitting its stride, and while I’m loving it, I’ve read some other bloggers who are still not convinced. I know that Joss Whedon is DAH MAN, but apparently other bloggers think that he’s God and he’s not living up to his full potential.

With Easter coming up, I’m not analyzing that too much.

But anyway, people seem to have insanely high expectations. Now, to me, I think the twists and turns of the show are clearly awesome. I don’t know entirely what’s coming next. Others, apparently, want a miracle. I don’t know what will convince them that this show is still awesome.

But at least they’re still watching and still writing. I guess the question is whether the numbers are high enough to make Dollhouse come back to another season.

But we know all that! Where’s the news there?

Well, the news is that actors from the show seem to be signing on for other pilots and projects. We heard a while ago about how Amy Acker has signed on to be in Happy Town. But she’s more of a minor character in Dollhouse (though many people would prefer she be bigger, including myself). She can either easily disappear or she can possibly juggle both.

But what about our favorite Agent Ballard, Tahmoh Penikett, who has signed on to be in SyFy’s Riverworld, according to TV Squad? It’d be hard to have the show without him. TV Squad suggests,

This is either a sign that Dollhouse is destined for only one season or Tahmoh Penikett’s character of Paul Ballard is not going to survive beyond the first season. I’m hoping it is more of the latter than the former.

Personally, I don’t think it’s that easy. I have full faith that SyFy is going to have some weird filming schedule so that he can do both. Or, since it’s a movie event, he’ll just be missing in action during the show’s usual filming hiatus.

So my point is to stop trying to freak me out! I have full faith that Dollhouse can and will return. We just need to make sure the numbers reflect its popularity. I mean, it’s still got larger DVR numbers (well, as far as I’ve heard), so there is an interest.

Hi, I’m Raked, and I’m pro-Dollhouse. I have faith.

DISCLAIMER: Sorry if this was a large jumbled post. I just get very up in arms when I think of possible cancelation of wonderful shows. And if you didn’t notice now, please note that all the references to faith alluded to George Michael and the recent cancelation of Eli Stone.


5 thoughts on “Stop trying to freak me out!

  1. See? They’re freaking you out, too! You gotta have faith, faith, faith! (Which is even more of a pun if you consider Eliza Dushku was Faith!)

  2. We will see if a show that gets more interesting each week has a chance in the instant world we live in. I would hope FOX has learned that big ratings at the start can lead to big disappointments later. Too many shows are the same thing week after week.
    For you kids: All in the Family was one of the biggest hits ever on TV. It was cancelled but the network didn’t have anything better so they ran it again in the summer to huge ratings. It had been up against a popular show so people hadn’t watched the first time. It ran for several years and spawned The Jeffersons.

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