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LEVERAGE: 1.13 “The Second David Job”

I must admit, I really haven’t been watching Leverage. I saw one episode that was really good one Saturday afternoon when I was too lazy to get out of bed, but beyond that, I just kept forgetting it was on. Which is sad. I mean, Tuesday doesn’t even have that great television on, so you’d think I’d remember it. Maybe it’s because I was watching Scrubs at 9:00 and then watching my TiVoed Fringe at 10:00. Maybe.

Anyway, I figured for the season finale, I should watch. The promos really got me. Of course, the tone of Timothy Hutton’s voice as he’s saying it was all worth it makes it sound like he’s at the end of his rope–perhaps like someone is about to be killed or has been killed. So yes, I was in it for the death. I’m a glutton for punishment.

But that didn’t happen. So I guess you could say that it was a bit like watching Heroes–well, only to the degree that you expect people to die in Heroes and they never do. In the sense that it wasn’t like Heroes at all, it was good! I mean, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was, of course, at a slight disadvantage since I hadn’t seen the previous episode. It was my own fault. I watched a rerun of House instead of watching the previous episode of Leverage that was on at 9:00 last night. I just was unaware the two were linked. Oops. But ignoring the parts that I clearly didn’t know about, I really enjoyed it.

The show’s got great characters. They’ve got some great one-liners, and the fact that the one blonde girl–Parker–can jump off anything and survive is just even better.

The thing I fear about this show sometimes is that it’s going to end up being like Ocean’s Eleven. I mean, you’ve got these quirky characters with these awesome skill sets doing heists. But they seem to have that covered. Why? Because sometimes, they screw up. Like the beginning of this episode when everyone was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they all almost got caught. They did all get IDed, though, so it added some pressure about the crime.

In the end, these people get very creative. You’ve gotta give credit to the writers in deciding how they’ll get away with the things they do. Just the fact that they stole everything in the museum instead of the one thing that everyone thought they’d steal was fantastic.

And then the ending. Now, I know that this team will get back together because I know it was picked up for another season. If you ignored that, the ending probably had more impact. Artistically, though, I very much enjoyed it. Every one of them going in a different direction, and then just stopping. I might have enjoyed it a wee bit better if everyone headed and you only saw Timothy Hutton stop–because what would happen? Would he stop the rest of them? Would they go and he’d have regret? But even though it was the entire group, it was just artistically done.

So kudos, Leverage. I enjoyed. I’ll try to catch you in reruns, or at least try to remember to watch you next season.


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