Why I don’t have to watch The Amazing Race

THE AMAZING RACE: 14.01 “Don’t Let a Cheese Hit Me”

Well, you heard why I was forced to watch The Amazing Race. Well, I’ve been relieved from my duty.

The girl from my home town was kicked off last night. Not much of a run–haha, pardon the pun.

I’m a little disappointed, though I’m glad I don’t need to continue watching the show. I was rooting for her. It’d be fun to see how far she goes, and it’s always disappointing to be the first one gone. But this isn’t exactly my type of show.

Now, I can see how people get interested in this show. Right now, there were too many contestants for me to keep up with, and some stuck coats on that weren’t their team color so I kept getting confused or forgetting about couples. I mean, I remembered the main ones: red heads, orange team, stewardesses, deaf son and mom, gay dad and son, brother and sister. Oh and the hillbillies, as they called themselves. The rest all got stuck between the cracks.

I think once you watch a few episodes, you get into the characters more (like any reality TV series), but as a newby, I’m fine with not watching anymore. But who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind. I did find a team that’s still in the running that I wouldn’t mind winning.

I must give props to the writers, though. Those were some odd challenges. I mean, cheese down a hill? Yodlers? Wow. There are some definite things to make you interested. JC and I were discussing how we’d kill each other if we were a team and who would do the bungee jump.

But in the end, I was disappointed that the ones that seem like they’d best fit winning didn’t. I’m sorry, but the Virginia couple should have gone home as opposed to the team I was rooting for (though, really, piggyback to the finish line?). I think I’d be much more entertained with seeing people who try to win try to win as opposed to seeing that old lady whine and groan. Maybe that’s just me, though. Me and my crazy ways. Other people, they like watching self-proclaimed “hillbillies.”

But in the end, it is a race. Enough of my prattling. The last ones go home.


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