It’s the Coxinator!

SCRUBS: 8.07 “My New Role”
SCRUBS: 8.08 “My Lawyer’s in Love”

These two episodes really felt like one long episode, probably because they both were about Dr. Cox in his new role as Chief of Medicine. I’d say there were good, standard, plot-moving episodes. Nothing way out there. Nothing back.

Things I loved:

  • The Stomp-like sequence when J.D. starts tapping his pencil, all as if by accident.
  • The continual beats of drumming, hammering, etc. throughout the episode after bullet #1.
  • Stephanie’s songs. Just that. Could listen to that stuff for hours, I think. Even though I’m not five years old.
  • Ed got fired.
  • Jack. This kid’s just adorable.

Thinking about it now, I realized that Turk wasn’t in the episodes. Either one. The only time we “saw” him was when the intern was passing notes and pictures between him and J.D. Interesting.

The Stomp sequence was great. I’m a sucker for a good Stomp sequence, despite being forced to learn one for a musical in high school (that we didn’t even perform, by the way). As for the hammering and other noises, you really didn’t notice them, but they were there. Remember the Janitor’s relentless and emphasized hammering? Oh yeah.

I’m not sure it was the ukulele or the tone of her voice, but I sure did enjoy Stephanie’s role in the episode. Her nonchalant expression about Ted cowering in the corner of the elevator was fantastic. The fact that they communicated through song was great. And finally, I just like that a sad sack like Ted finally found someone.

Ed. Ed Ed Ed. Ok, I liked Ed. He actually made the interns rather redeemable. I hated all the interns except Ed. (Especially the one that looks like Elliot who can’t seem to find a character: She used to be mean but now she’s not, she’ll walk all over everyone to get what she wants but she’s used as a note-passer for J.D. and Turk. Every week I just wonder if it’s even the same blond! Anyway…) Considering that the interns are getting a larger part in the plot this season, I just expected some better ones. Ed actually contributed and was funny.

BUT he was lazy and annoying and if I had to hear more about his trivia machine, I was going to reach through the screen and throttle him. I’m glad he’s gone. Plus, now he can move on to Amy Poehler’s new show which I may or may not watch.

And last, Jack. Damn, that kid’s cute. It was heartbreaking to see that Dr. Cox didn’t make it home in time to read him a story, but it was so nice and refreshing to see Jordan be supportive! Has she ever been supportive? Oh, and Jack telling Cox that he went looking for him when he didn’t pick him up, just to yell “I’m alive!” as Cox ran out of the hospital: Classic.

So the episodes were good. Not the best and brightest–the ones that will stay in my memory for a long long time–but definitely worth watching.


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