Why I’m forced to watch The Amazing Race

I’ve never seen The Amazing Race. You can tell by this blog that I don’t tend to watch much reality television, with the exceptions of Top Chef and America’s Next Top Model. Ok, so I did watch many an episode of Deal or No Deal, but it’s syndicated and on all the time. Plus, it’s a game show, so I don’t know if it really counts.

But starting February 15 (well, a couple days after that because I’ll be out of town and therefore have to TiVo), I’ll be forced to watch The Amazing Race.

Now, it is Emmy Award-winning, so I guess I can’t complain. At least it’s not one of those “housewives” shows, but I really don’t know the premise of this show except people with tanks, shorts, and backpacks run all over the place for…something. And sometimes they run out of money, and the episode teasers make that sound like a really big deal. If anyone has words of wisdom, please share.

The reason I’m forced to watch this show is because I know–well, knew–someone on it. One of this season’s contestants just happened to be from my home town, and now, I want to see how far she goes.

Why is that? I haven’t had contact with this person in years (no, I won’t tell you who it is quite yet–you’ll probably know based on when I stop watching), but I still want to see how this person does. Well, how the team does.

Anyway, meet the teams here. Let me know who you’re rooting for and whether it’d be of interest for me to blog about it. Are you a big fan? Let me know if you have hunches.

Should be an interesting ride. Or run. Or…what do they do?!


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