A muffin, a pastrami sandwich, and a bag of chips.

KT’s new favorite team is officially the Fighting Hens.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 4.13 “Three Days of Snow”

And as Future Ted tells us, this is a story with three parts.  But rather than starting with the Ted-and-Barney part, as he does, let’s start with Marshall and Lily.

This week, Marshall’s part and Lily’s part provide the sentimentality that is at the heart of HIMYM.  We see again (as in “Okay Awesome,” way back in season 1) that doing something only because it seems more adult will not make you happier; it’s more important to hold onto things that are meaningful to you, no matter how silly.  Rather, trying too hard to grow up will make you seem not-yourself – in evidence here by the way Marshall and Lily are pronouncing “mature” (ma-tour, with the distinct “t”).  Not that the pronunciation is wrong; but the way they deliver it sounds slightly pretentious every time – Robin notices it too, and when she repeats it, you can hear great big sarcastic quote marks in her delivery.

Robin and Marshall’s scene is nice; and as they don’t get very many one-on-one scenes, naturally they play with the gender bending.  Robin gets, “Let’s go get your woman!” while Marshall gets, “All right, I read it in Cosmo Girl!”  Love it.  And while I would have thought that, as a Canadian, Robin would be more careful about snowplows, I think her negligence goes to show how very taken aback she is by Marshall’s robot comments.  I wonder if we’re setting her up for a long term relationship in the near future.

Once snowed in, Robin’s plan of escape through the sun roof was a great touch, and also made a nice comparison to  “Arrividerci, Fiero,” in which College Ted and Marshall were stuck in a snowed-in car (but less so than they thought).

And on Lily’s side, wouldn’t you know she’d arrive at the airport to find… Ranjit!  Yay, Ranjit!  I love that they took a minor player from the very first episode and have made him into a recurring character.  Of course he’s a stereotype in some ways, but I giggled at “TMI: too many informations” anyway.  And of course in sitcom-land, it makes perfect sense for him to shoo away a scheduled customer in order to help Lily go in search of an obscure microbrew.  Okay, whatever.  It was funny, therefore, it’s okay by me.  And he does tend to get pretty involved in the gang’s hijinks whenever he does show up.

In retrospect, I should have been more suspicious about the timing of Lily’s part from the beginning.  What flight arriving in the middle of a blizzard would possibly be an hour early?  (Granted, what flight, period, would ever be an hour early? – but let’s let that slide, too.)

On the other hand, the Lily wigs are in fine form this week, and I always enjoy those.  Way to go, continuity department.

In terms of plot, the Ted-and-Barney part fills in the gaps.  It’s a solid Ted-and-Barney kind of story, full of girls, booze, camaraderie, and mischief, but it also supplies the last puzzle pieces for Marshall and Lily’s adorable ending.  (And in a story that plays with time – I mean the episode, but it applies to the whole show as well – what better name than “Puzzle” for a bar… or a band?)

And that’s only the beginning of the awesome.  We get Ted and Barney juggling – and then “juggling” (read: dropping bottles).  We get a reprise of Barney’s motion for “what up?”  We get girls who seem  tailor-made for each of the guys.  We get a marching band (who doesn’t love a good marching band?), and they aren’t even portrayed as band nerds, which is nice – instead the “oh crap, it’s a marching band” moment was because there were so many of them!  Plus a marching band means that Barney gets lines like “Is the flute section seeing anyone?”  Also, their (made up) school’s mascot is the “fighting hen.”  Also, Arizona call-outs – and thank you, writers, for avoiding the obvious jokes about Arizona kids dealing with snow.  And we get a Ted-and-Barney telepathic conversation in which Barney’s side consists entirely of “Kokomo.”

It all comes together at the end, of course.  The band gets to play when Marshall finally comes for Lily at the airport, which was way over the top in the best kind of way.  It’s a sweet scene… what?  No, really, I’ve just got something in my eyes….

Last thing!  Our catchy HIMYM lesson of the night is that five-word phrases are often trouble.  Like “We should open a bar!” and “I’m gonna get her back!”  (And then there was the one with Marshall on the rooftop – was that one from another episode, too?)  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be counting words for a while…

Last last thing (just for you, Raked):  someone else’s very sharp eye noticed (and imdb agrees) that the sweet old lady sitting next to Lily on the plane appeared in the Buffy episode “Doublemeat Palace”… in which her character was killed by Willow.


8 thoughts on “A muffin, a pastrami sandwich, and a bag of chips.

  1. That’s so funny. I recognize her as Ida from Desperate Housewives. I wouldn’t have gone back to “Doublemeat Palace,” solely because I really hate that episode. Ew. Gross.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, even the time fakeout at the end. I felt it a little out of Ted’s character to leap toward the college girls to sleep with them, but maybe that’s just me.

    As for the ending, I adored it. I loved every second, even though it was so cheesy. It was just so…Lily and Marshall. A relationship on super-meds. Super-cute super-meds.

  2. If you couldn’t tell, I adored every bit of the Lily and Marshall storyline, too. Sometimes one of the best things about a long term relationship is that you’re comfortable enough to be goofy together. 🙂

    Perhaps Ted’s still drifting in and out of post-Stella rebound mode? At least he was going to check their IDs, haha. (And Arizona does have pretty drivers’ licenses, fyi.)

    When I watched it the second time, I was okay with the time fake-out because Future Ted does mention early on that it was a three-day storm. I’m still piecing together the exact chronology in my head, though. But I do think this will be one of my favorite episodes from this season. 🙂

  3. Some people hated the fakeout, but I personally was a fan. Made a lot of difference when Marshall didn’t answer the phone call, you know? And you’re right about the arriving early. When does anyone arrive early?

    No wonder you noticed the old lady if you watched it twice!!

    Btw, Barney coming out of the bathroom and yelling, “Bingo!” One of the funniest and most uncomfortable moments ever.

  4. Pfft, I wouldn’t have noticed the old lady if I watched it ten times! Props go to this sharp eyed person.

    I think I have actually had a flight arrive early once, but it was by a factor of maybe ten minutes, and even that seemed pretty amazing!

    Speaking of funny and uncomfortable, how about Marshall trying to hide the fact that he’s talking to Lily when there’s a meeting going on in his office?

  5. Btw, every time I see the title of this post, I just want to finish it with “…walk into a bar.”

  6. Haha!! I originally meant it as a tribute to the cuteness that is Marshall and Lily, but can somebody please come up with the punchline to that joke?!

  7. Well, the most obvious is, “And they asked, ‘Do you serve food?'” But that’s kinda obvious.

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