And don’t forget the robot

BIG BANG THEORY: 2.12 “The Killer Robot Instability”

I think that I wanted to use that heading before, but I chose not to because it’s was a stretch. How excited am I that I finally get to use it appropriately. Why? Because I’m quoting “Let’s Go to the Mall” by Robin Sparkles.

But How I Met Your Mother is another show, and right now, it’s all about Big Bang Theory.

I’ve read some negative feedback on last night’s episode, mainly from TV Squad, which I found surprising. I’m a regular reader of the blog, and I usually fall into similar thought as TV Squad, so I was surprised to see that we were at odds. Overall, they just felt the episode was “uncomfortable.”

Which it was. But it had to be. Penny told off Howard for his relentless sexual jokes, and while she did go a little extreme, it wasn’t 100% unwarranted. He’s constantly been hounding her, and in the most recent of episodes, it’s been more obvious and direct. I remember much fewer jokes as extreme as these in the first season, so yes, Penny would get sick of it.

TV Squad’s point–and it’s true–is that when she yelled at him, it was uncomfortable and unfunny. My thoughts, though, are that it had to be. That’s why everyone else in the room was uncomfortable. It was supposed to be, which is why it had such a strong effect.

My complaint about this episode is that it was cliche. It seems like every sitcom falls into a trap where a main character yells at another main character about a personality flaw that leaves them devastated and unsure how to move forward. Howard flew to his bed. Then, ultimately, the hurtful character has to apologize–enter Penny.

I did find it funny how Leonard convinced her to go over there. And every moment with Howard and his mother is always a treat.

The kiss/punch moment was pretty cliche as well, but what can you say? You didn’t think they were actually going to kiss, right? Ok, maybe for an instant, a pity kiss. Gross with the snotty, crying nose, right?

So the plot itself was weak, but every sitcom’s got a hit or miss episode. Fortunately, the subplot really overshadowed that weakness! I loved the robot wars. I loved the robot in general that they built. Surprisingly enough, it was cute! I was a killer, cute, horse-like robot.

I don’t know what I thought about Barry Kripke. TV Squad found there no purpose to his speech impediment, and that’s true, but I don’t necessarily find it a flaw either. It was humorous, and the entire storyline was. I have nothing against his appearance in the show, though I was surprised they introduced an entirely new character as a nemesis. I was sure they’d just pluck up some of their other regulars.

Anyway, so I enjoyed the episode. Maybe I’m just more heartless, so Howard’s pain didn’t mean as much to me and I could therefore take humor in his hardships. Hmmm. Though he is our favorite Moist. So he must mean something.

(Dr. Horrible reference, people. I hope you caught that.)


2 thoughts on “And don’t forget the robot

  1. I really, really, really, enjoyed the cold opening when their robot sawed the toaster oven apart. Yeah, that was worth the price of admission.

    But anyway, you’re right, it was cliched. After Penny insulted Howard, I could hear the audience’s “AWWWWWWWWW” coming from a mile away. I swear, that sound must be canned. It sounds exactly the same in every sitcom!

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