The other bartender

KT is not a wuss, but she is writing this review. Hey, okay, okay, maybe she’s a wuss, too. Ow.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 4.10  “The Fight”

Five great things about this episode:

1. Jason Segal finally cut his hair.

2.  Stealth callouts:  check out that “sandwich” that College Ted and Marshall are “eating” while watching the kung fu movie.  And did you notice that the song behind the second flashback of the Erikson boys was “Murder Train” — the song that Robin’s old flame from Canada convinced her to play on the news… and got put behind an ad for an animal shelter?

3.  Marshall pulls off that ridiculous toupee (almost symbolic of his own haircut, don’t you think?), clocks Doug, and saves the day.  And doesn’t have a scratch on him.  I like seeing Marshall’s sensitivity from time to time, but this was satisfying, too – and made good sense, considering how we’ve seen him interact with his brothers in “Belly Full of Turkey” and “Arrividerci, Fiero.”

4.  Carving turkey with a lightsaber.  In three to five years.  Which Marshall can predict because he’s on the forums every day.  Adorable.  (Still… although we know these guys are Star Wars nerds, doesn’t it feel like there have been a lot of Star Wars callouts this season?)

5.  “Kids, I’d love to leave you with the message that fighting is bad and you shouldn’t do it, but I know that’s pointless.  So I’ll leave you with this:  Don’t ever get in a fight with Uncle Marshall.  That’s guy’s freaking crazy.”

Five awkward things about this episode:

1.  What did the rest of you think about Doug?  Insisting on doing you a “favor” that you don’t really want done is kind of a pet peeve of mine, so the character got off on the wrong foot for me, and his babbling about the toupee wasn’t funny to me either.  On the other hand, that did make me really pleased when Marshall knocked him out in the end.

2.  Robin going all bibbledy over guys who fight was a little painful.  At first, I thought she was going to go beat those guys down herself, which I think would have fit her character in the tough, former hockey player, can take care of herself kind of way.

3.  Coming back to what actually happened in the episode, don’t you think it’s interesting that – after the big fight Ted and Barney had last year over Barney sleeping with Robin – Barney and Robin are clearly expressing interest in each other and Ted has nothing to say about it?  Although Robin’s extended “That, uh…” line as she backs out of the room creates a really expressive moment of tension between Barney, Ted, and Robin.  And I’m still waiting for a Ted and Robin as roommies episode.  Here at least we clearly saw her coming home to what used to be Marshall and Lily’s room, but that’s it.

4.  Kindergartners who talk like they’re fifteen.  Somewhat cute, but very weird.

5.  The guys Doug beat up weren’t aware that Doug was the only one beating them up?  With three guys to one, you’d think one of them would remember who was there.  But apparently they all panicked and blacked out really fast and decided to go by the stories that were circulating around McLaren’s.

Conclusion:  Solid mid-season episode.  The dialogue and the jokes are good – more than just the ones I’ve mentioned here.  I mean, Ted thinks about prison and says he could finally get some reading done?  Love it.  But the overall concept isn’t quite strong enough to make it a classic.  But at least now we know how our characters always manage to get the same booth.


3 thoughts on “The other bartender

  1. Honestly, I thought Robin would end up sleeping with Ted after the fight. After all, he’s got proximity (and we all know they won’t just have a platonic roommate relationship).

    And yay to the cut hair!! I noticed it too. By the way, did you happen to check back to any of those clips to see if the bartender was actually in those scenes? I really want to do that, or to see if they just redid some of those scenes.

    And why even show the goat this episode? Made no sense and actually annoyed me.

    As for the Star Wars, someone else noticed this. The guest writer on wrote this:

    [[[I have come up with another theory regarding all the “Star War” mentions. Jason Segal costarred with Kristen Bell in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. Kristen Bell is costarring in “Fanboys,” an upcoming flick about a bunch of fans on a quest to go to Skywalker Ranch. Skywalker Ranch is the home of George Lucas. George Lucas is the creator of “Star Wars” the film Ted and Marshall seem to talk about frequently this season. This is a subliminal message for us to go see “Fanboys” to support Kristen Bell. DONE, I’m there.]]]

    I, however, think that’s the largest pile of crap ever and I think they’re just choosing something that makes them nerdy, but not as nerdy as the Big Bang kids. 🙂

  2. Perhaps the fact that Robin went for Barney over Ted is meant to show us how very over Ted and Robin’s relationship is?

    I agree: the goat is in danger of being played up too much.

    I haven’t checked back to the “Doug’s always been here!” clips, but I’m very tempted, too. My hunch is that they re-shot them.

    The Star Wars theory is amusing, but definitely ridiculous. I’m pretty sure they mentioned their love of Star Wars fairly early on in the series, so it’s always been there… but not every episode like it has been recently!

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