Stuck between a wall and…another wall

FRINGE: 1.10 “Safe”

Remember that scene last night, when Walter tells Astrid to put the hand that he’s sawed off a body on ice, and while the conversation continues, the camera lingers on Astrid as she slowly walks over to the hand and decides how to approach this task? If you’ll notice, she wasn’t completely put off by the disgusting nature of the hand; after all, she’s seen worse.

Which I think is why I liked this episode so much. I wasn’t distracted from the story just because there was a disgusting, mangled corpse–or comatose individual, as recent episodes have had it–hanging around the lab. In fact, this episode was rather tame.

Now, I haven’t seen the last couple weeks’ worth of episodes. They’re sitting patiently on my TiVo, and I just haven’t gotten to them yet. Fortunately, I saw the previous episode with Mr. Jones and the many before it, so I actually was able to comprehend the story without knowing the last two episodes. Excellent timing on my part.

It started pretty scientifically complicated but structurally simple: A man is caught in a wall. Dead, due to a gunshot would from his fellow criminals. I kinda saw this happening. As soon as he was stuck in the safe, I figured he’d get stuck in the wall. Knowing the show, I thought maybe the wall would start to solidify inside him, going for the most gruesome possibility, but instead, he was just alive in it and his untimely death came from a bullet to the head.

So the corpse wasn’t that gross, even sans hand. And the story was intriguing: Why were they breaking into bank safes? What did Mr. Jones have to do with it? And why does it always circle back to Walter?

I’ve begun watching this show, wondering how it has to do with Walter. Before discovering that it was his own safes they were after, I just figured this was a student of Walter that took his work and expanded it so that they could move through walls. I was wrong, but still intrigued with what we discovered.

But where does Mr. Jones fit in? How does he know of Walter’s experiments? And what does he want with Olivia.

Damn the television networks and their cliffhangers! Like with other shows (One Tree Hill, Life on Mars) we’re waiting until January to find out what’s next, and poor Olivia is in danger!

Though I must say that I was disappointed that out of anywhere in time or space, they chose to get Mr. Jones out of prison. I’d think that maybe it’d be more interesting for a historical bad guy to come about–or something. Anyway, I’m just thinking outside the box (and outside the plot).

But anyway, I enjoyed it. I thought Walter’s visual aid at showing how vibrations can make someone move through it was fantastic–very Numb3rs season 1. And I like hearing more about Peter’s past. I wonder whether we’ll find out what that disease really was, and what ramifications it might have.

As for the John Scott memories, first, let me say WOW at the fact that his corpse is still being used, and second, I like this direction that now Olivia can’t determine her memories from his. This could definitely turn out to be a fantastic twist to the tale.


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