Reunited and it feels so good

BONES: 4.10 “The Bone That Blew”

I wouldn’t be a good Whedonite if I didn’t mention how much I enjoyed seeing David Boreanaz and Gina Torres reunited on Bones this week. If you don’t recall, Gina Torres was one of the big bads of season four of Angel, and it was nice to see her again with our Angel alum (this time, without the maggots).

Other than that, we have the normal cases to cover. This time, bones were found in a tree. My nerdy side got very excited to see the physics used to see how the bones got into the tree: how fast the wind was going and where the starting point must’ve been. Really, Bones seems to be a nerdy person’s dreams sometimes–just like Numb3rs can entertain the mathly (though sometimes that show bugs me because I want to prove what they’re saying is true…).

My only complaint was that the murderer seemed a little…cliche? Just last week we had a son killing the mistress of his father, and now we have a daughter killing a nanny over homework. As soon as they claimed the mother did it, I got the feeling she was covering. As soon as we knew she was covering, I knew it was a child, and I’m pretty sure that the only reason it wasn’t the son was because the previous episode showed a son doing the crime. I wish there had been a little more originality. I feel like we’ve seen this in many other cop shows, too.

Beyond this, we have Bones’ father on the staff as a teacher. The entire episode, Bones seemed to be a little ill at ease with this change. First, I doubt Cam would have hired him without telling Bones, knowing all the problems and past histories that have ensued. Second, I worry about whether his addition to the cast would be a good thing. To be honest, it sounds like Bones might be leaning a little too heavily on the father/son humor of Fringe, so I guess they’ll still have to prove that this is going to be a good thing.

But one familial relationship I did enjoy seeing was Booth’s back-and-forth dilemma over his son’s education. I’d read this before (and I can’t remember where), but I do think that Booth’s father/son relationship gives this show a special something that other cop shows don’t have.

And I loved the final scene. It reminded me of this Diet Coke experiment, courtesy of YouTube:


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