ABC, I want a do-over

Looks like ABC is in the business of buying. Buying new and used shows. Not only were they in the mix to buy the newly dumped King of the Hill, but they’re going to be airing Scrubs midseason, which they bought from NBC last year. Really, this is all new to me. I’ve only known this to happen in the past with Sister, Sister (bought by the WB way back when from ABC, I believe) and, of course, Buffy (bought from the WB by UPN).

What’s new for ABC is that they’re buying their own show…that they cancelled…ten years ago.

That’s right. ABC is now in production for the new show Cupid–I mean, the old show Cupid…which is new…kinda.

In 1998, ABC aired the TV show Cupid, starring the now esteemed Jeremy Piven of Entourage fame and created by Rob Thomas. The show surrounded a character named Trevor Hale, who might be Cupid! Among the cast was Paula Marshall, who played Dr. Claire Allen. The show only lasted about 14 or 15 episodes and then was cancelled.

For 2009, ABC is airing the TV show Cupid, starring Bobby Cannavale, who played the on-again-off-again boyfriend to Will on Will & Grace (who strangely has the same facial shape and structure as Jeremy Piven, hmmm), and is created by Rob Thomas. The show surrounds a character named Trevor Hale, who might be Cupid! Among the cast is Sarah Paulson, who plays Dr. Claire Allen.

Say what? It’s the SAME SHOW. Ten years later, ABC is picking up the failed show it cancelled itself that starred an actor that’s now grown into fame and fortune with Emmy Awards under his belt. So we’re trying to replace the lead with someone who’s claim to fame is being a recurring character in a series from about five years ago.

Plus, the leading lady doesn’t compare in looks to the original. No offense to Sarah Paulson (I’m a huge fan of Studio 60, where she played Harriet Hayes), but Paula Marshall is stunning.

So why the redo? I know we remake classics: 90210 is the first that comes to mind, and I know Melrose Place is next on deck. But see, the original ones were…successful. This is a failed show.

What makes them think it’d be successful this time around? Why did Rob Thomas pitch it again? From what I can tell, there was a cult following behind it (in fact, message boards on IMDB still tell people to boycot ABC). I appreciate that maybe today is a better time to do a show, but to do the exact show? They could at least change character names and plot a little.

Plus, it’s got straight competition. The CW just started airing Valentine, which is about gods that take the image of people on Earth in order to help people find love.

This just flabbergasts me. But maybe there’s hope! Hurry, someone alert Joss Whedon. Pitch Firefly again–just this time, with different actors. Same plot. Same character names. Just different people. But go now, ABC’s spending its money fast.

[Note the sarcasm, Whedonites. You think I’d give up Jewel Staite time? Please.]


8 thoughts on “ABC, I want a do-over

  1. How very strange. Maybe they think that Rob Thomas could do better now, after he attracted lots of fans with Veronica Mars? And probably they’re more desperate. Do you suppose this is still the writers’ strike playing out? Bizarre.

    I’m not sure I’d want to see Firefly with different actors, though. 😦

  2. I had forgotten that he was part of the Veronica Mars team. Good memory. But I still find it odd. Why go back to the old show?

    Haha, I would dare want to see other actors either! That’s how preposterous it is! Just think: Replacing wonderful actors and old favorites with unfamiliar, somewhat sub-par ones (not to say that Harriet Hayes is sub-par, but comparatively…). That’s just what it would be like!

  3. Whoops, sorry to take you too seriously!

    (Although, I could see a way to do it with different actors… by making up new characters and just using the same ‘Verse.)

    But, yeah. Weird, weird, weird. Although, if they’ve sunk to the level of re-doing a cancelled show, no doubt they don’t have the budget for Paula Marshall and Jeremy Piven.

  4. No no. See you’re misunderstanding. There can’t be new characters. To follow the Cupid trend, you must have the SAME characters, SAME show, different actors. No same setting different people. Not allowed. 🙂 We’ll call it the Cupid Model.

    Plus Jeremy Piven is all into Entourage right now. My real question is WHY ARE THEY DOING IT? WHY? Actors aside, it was cancelled 10 years ago!

  5. I know that’s not the trend…. that’s why it’s in parentheses… duh!! 😉

    Clearly the answer is that they have the attention span of a goldfish and have forgotten that it was cancelled ten years ago. Hey look, a castle!

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