Site Update: Upcoming Posts

Hi all,

I’ve been looking more at my stats to see what people are interested in and what people are reading about, so I thought I’d just put up a quick post letting you know my plan for the rest of the week. Hopefully this will keep some of you checking back (or adding me onto your RSS feed–link at the bottom right), and for those of you who don’t care about these shows, you’ll just have to miss amazing puns like this one.

Ando’s life hangs in the valance.

Is it curtains for Ando on Heroes? I still need to watch this Monday’s episode and post my thoughts. I love me some Ando, so I certainly hope he’s not dead, but since I have no idea what’s going on, I still need to check it out. I’m hoping I’ll get to this by Friday night.

Bring me back to the good ol’ days…when the cops would beat me up.

Life on Mars is having its second episode tonight, so afterward I hope to bring us up to speed on my thoughts. I enjoyed the first episode, but I’m really wondering where it will go from here.

Electricity is the power.

I still need to post about this Tuesday’s episode of Fringe, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I actually haven’t posted on this show at all yet, and I should because I have definite thoughts. I’ll try to draw on a few episodes, even if I’m mainly reviewing this week’s. My goal is to write about that today, either after this post or tonight.

Rush-ing to catch up.

I watched Sidney White last night, the movie starring Amanda Bynes, and I realized I have some catchup work to do on Sorority Forever. I’m trying to catch these ten episodes at a time, and I know I’ve caught the first fifteen, so I owe you guys at least another post at the end of this week. This is another Friday job, so you’ll have to wait on it.

Middle-schoolers hate me.

So after its pilot, I tore up The Secret Life of the American Teenager. For some reason, this show is a “hit,” and people are still searching for it even though the season is over. I did see most of the season, and I have more thoughts, after my initial reaction, so I’m going to post again. Feel free to attack. That’ll be today or tomorrow. Let me just gather my thoughts.

And a recap.

With the interest in Sorority Forever, I’m serious about going back to Prom Queen and Summer Heat. I’ll start rewatching and/or watching these on Friday, though I’ll post on just a few episodes at a time. You can watch along with me here, or just get your hands on the DVD here.

So yes, that’s the plan. If you have particular shows you want me to add on in the next couple days or particular issues about these shows, please let me know! It’s going to be busy, but eh, what can you do?


2 thoughts on “Site Update: Upcoming Posts

  1. I heart your curtain pun. :o)

    I’ve kinda been meaning to check out Life on Mars. Apparently the British version was really good, so I’ve been tempted to look that up ever since the actor who starred in the UK Life on Mars guest starred on Doctor Who last year and was awesome. So by a very roundabout extension, I hope the US version is good, too.

    I still need to check out Fringe as well…

    BUT, i cant believe u didnt like secret life of an american teenagr! wat is rong w/ u??? it totally lets u c wat ur life wood b like if like stuff happened!!!1! LOL.

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