Five Years Later…

I’ve recently been introduced to the short-lived series Carnivale. I’m catching up via DVD (a gift for someone else who has decided to teach me the ways of the carnies), and I must admit, it is a great show. I’m not one who owns HBO–never have–so I haven’t been exposed the famous series like The Sopranos and Six Feet Under, and to be honest, if I did have HBO, I can’t promise that Carnivale would have struck me as my kind of show.

To be honest, I still don’t know if it does.

But it has a unique storyline, one that keeps you guessing and wondering, and itching for another episode. Moreover, it has a residue that sticks with you.

I’ve always felt that the best shows, movies, books, … , are the ones that make you feel. I can honestly say this one has. I’m only six episodes in, and already, images haunt me 24 hours after the DVD is put back in its sheath.

Of course, like many other shows loved and lost, it was cancelled before its time–or so I’ve heard. I suppose I’ll have to keep watching to really see. But overall, I appreciate the depth they’ve put into it. It’s not just sex and violence (which–and I’ve still yet to see an episode, but this is all I hear about–is what I think of The Sopranos), even though it’s got it. Usually, I get mightily deterred by things like that, but this show, for some reason, leaves you cringing and wanting more.


One thought on “Five Years Later…

  1. This really is such a good show. It had a certain sense that I could never pin down, but now that you mentioned it, I know you’re right. Haunting is definitely the right word. There are a couple of more times that you feel especially haunted by images; the one that specifically comes to mind is the scene in Babylon, where the miner’s suddenly surge out of the darkness and lurch towards the Carnival like a zombie army. With horses too. Creepy. The end of the second to last episode of the second season is particularly memorable too, though for a different reason.

    It IS a very dark, bleak show. I seem to remember reading a review by someone once who said it was hard to get into the show because all the characters are just so utterly beaten up and destroyed by the awful circumstances of life. It certainly seems like that, but I think a little more hope and promise starts to shine through into the second season. Stick through it until then and you’ll see.

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