Veronica Needs to Shut It

Gossip Girl: 1.01 The Pilot

I don’t mind when people talk. I really don’t. Well, as long as they talk with some sort of purpose, and they aren’t just repeating everything that was just said, done, implied, drawn out, written in braille, sky-written, and formed into words with bamboo.

Thank you, CW, for annoying me. Gossip Girl was a flop.

Ok, maybe I shouldn’t be so outright. I gave it two viewings (mainly because on Sunday, the CW just assumes people have nothing to do and therefore must be masochists…yes, apparently I am). Anyway, on the second viewing, I came into it 35 minutes late and watched a good bit of it where there were no voiceovers. And basically, it wasn’t horrible. It was another Dawson’s Creek meets OC meets Beautiful People. I mean, nothing special, but it was ok. A little overdone and unbelievable, but ok. Right now, we have too many flat characters (I’m really only finding Serena, Jenny, and Jenny’s brother redeemable right now), but who knows. It could develop.

But here’s what makes it SUCK: the voiceover. Oh man, did it kill the show. Voiceovers at the beginning and end are ok…of course, if they are worth it. But none of them were worth it. The only purpose they had was to repeat what we just saw and to tell the audience exactly what they were foreshadowing. The writers need to understand that they need to have confidence in their own show carrying the plot. The horrid Gossip Girl killed the show.

Minimize or obliterate. Right now, it’s making a mediocre show that teeny-boppers could like, ultimately suck.


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